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I finally had time to sit down and go through our Disney photos. (We went in early January) I will be honest – I really did not take many photos this trip. Our last trip – which you can see here, I took a million…like really should have put the camera down more. This time I took a lot more cell phone photos, carried my camera with the lightest, smallest lens and only carried my camera (no other bags) Another thing that we have found that makes our trips easier is using the city mini stroller instead of an umbrella stroller. We used an umbrella stroller the first time we went to Disney and discovered that it just wasn’t for us. It was so wonderful to use the City Mini the last two times, especially this time having a baby. We could unstrap the basket underneath and put the diaper bag completely under the basket and the bottles didn’t spill. (We waited until after Disney to go from bottles to sippy cups/milk) We also didn’t leave anything in the diaper bag that we cared if it was stolen. (I didn’t think we had to worry about this but just so we didn’t worry, etc.) I just carried my tiny camera bag (just holds the camera) with an extra flash card. Any baby items/snacks went under the stroller.And Michael didn’t have to carry anything, which was awesome, because one of us had to hold Harrison or make sure Owen wasn’t going too far. Like Nemo, we all had an “Exit buddy.”

Owen got his first hair cut around 11 months at Disney. Harrison has a lot more hair than Owen had so he was long overdue by the time of our trip right after he turned one. He was surprisingly happy during his haircut and only got upset at the very end, but thankfully the Dapper Dans provided some music since it started raining outside. Owen also got a hair cut while we were there since they had a spot for him. (We had made a reservation for Harrison) We drove to Jacksonville and spent the night and then drove up just in time for Harrison’s hair cut. Then we checked into our hotel and went shopping at Target to have enough snacks, breakfast food, water, etc for the week. Images like the one of them in the Target cart are just my favorite – everyday life. My Mama, brother and fam arrived that afternoon, too, and we all headed back to the Magic Kingdom. The Christmas decorations were still out and Christmas music was still playing. (It was the last day) and we also got to see the Frozen show and the castle turn to ice. They had a crane out the rest of our trip taking down the Christmas decor.

We did go to the Disney Starbucks at Magic Kingdom and Epcot this time. (Be prepared to wait!) A few new places we tried this time – the Whispering Canyon Cafe. was just so super cute. We did get into this place last minute but I would recommend making dinner reservations six months out for any places you really want to eat while at Disney.(see our faves here) At Whispering Canyon, you have to ask for ketchup while you are there, and then the kids ride stick horses around the restaurant. (Adorable. Owen lovvvved it) At Epcot, we also tried the Les Halles Bakery in France, and it was delicious! We also ran into friends at Epcot, which was super fun – you never know who you’ll see at Disney!

Owen loves his Duffy bear, and reallly wanted to get one for Harrison. He also picked out a Jake costume for him – so super cute. Oh, and this was our first trip since the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train opened, and wow, it is my favorite Disney ride for sure. We just happened to ride it at night during the fireworks. (And if you are going to attempt to take a baby into the park anywhere around fireworks time, parking the stroller and babywearing makes this soooooo much easier) We hopped off the monorail at Magic Kingdom after eating at Ohana (our favorite place to eat at Disney – YUM!) and headed to the Mine Train. It just happened to be at fireworks time, we barely waited for the ride (usually during the day it was around 60-90 min) and were able to ride during the fireworks. AMAZING! I highly recommend riding this at night, and if you can, plan to go during fireworks. (Have I said ride this ride at night during the fireworks enough??!?)

Probably one’s favorite part of Disney this trip was Ride Switch (you can read more about this here) Owen got to ride all of the roller coasters twice, and he just loved it! It made a trip with a baby a lot easier, too.

So if you look at the previous trip, there is a spot where Owen’s looking at all the fish. We’ve been here twice and never knew that you could sometimes see a hippo here – just the coolest thing ever. One of the highlights of our trip.

We like to end our trip with the breakfast at the Contemporary resort – The Wave buffet. (love the Mickey waffles) but I also recommend Chef Mickeys for breakfast (or dinner) We ate at Chef Mickey’s for dinner this trip, and there was some yummy food on the menu. We also tried the Ghiradelli shop at Downtown Disney while we were visiting the Lego Store and oh my, I so wish we had one of these – I would totally be in trouble. The chocolate milkshakes were incredible! Of course, we always get Dole Whip in the Magic Kingdom (we may have gotten it twice..the first time didn’t go so well and we dropped some. Oops!)

The new fastpass system didn’t work that great for us so if you are planning a trip, as far in advance that you can get fast passes, I’d definitely pick the ones that have the longest lines. (Mine train, Toy Story Mania, Meeting the Princesses, etc) The photos at night in front of the castle were like a five second thing on our way to the mine train..I’m so glad we stopped and my brother also snapped a photo of us. It was a super fun trip, Owen said his favorite rides were the Mine Train and the monorail, looking forward to another trip in a few years!

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I will admit, I was sad for him last Christmas Eve on the way to the hospital, five weeks early, at 11:30 PM, knowing that his birthday was most likely going to be the 25th. (I did – I cried all the way to the hospital) He wasn’t supposed to be here for another five weeks, and the photographer in me was stressed that we didn’t even take phone chargers to the hospital…you totally have no battery left at 11:30PM. I did have my camera bag always ready – ha! (batteries charged and cards clean) but was pretty sure a cell phone was going to be way easier for Michael to manage. I didn’t call or text our birth photographer we had hired because I really didn’t want to take away from her family on Christmas or for her to feel bad about not coming. I am spending a lot of time talking about photos, right? I did love the photo I had of the first moment I held Owen and that was really important to me.

He was born early Christmas morning..and in Owen’s mind, it was perfect. We had told him he was getting a brother after Christmas, (you know, late January) and to him, that’s exactly what happened. His grandparents picked him up from a friend’s house, took him to open his presents at home, and then he came to the hospital to meet his baby brother, you know, right after Christmas.I did write a big post about them meeting here – it was the sweetest day ever and such a sweet memory.

There were days I wondered if we’d ever have another little one…every time I see quotes or signs about patience, I think about all the dreaming and praying for this little guy. Right from the beginning, he stole our hearts. I don’t know how many times I’ve been asked over the first year how he’s doing and I just get choked up or start crying. He is truly a blessing and watching the relationship he has with his brother is truly a gift. He is a gift and every day I am so thankful for my two precious boys. I wanted to share some sweet moments from their first year together. It has been such a joy watching them become best friends.

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I am finding there are definitely challenging parts to having a Christmas birthday (though it’s only my first one) ….trying to go to the grocery store to get balloons on Christmas Eve (or really just trying to go to the grocery store at all) is just dangerous. Everyone else is ordering cakes so make sure you order early…and then really..when do we celebrate it? I am thinking at 2 1/2 we will start having 1/2 birthday parties, and if there are any other mamas out there with Christmas babies, do share how your make your little one’s day special. I do think we’ll find a day next week to be just about him, which I know Owen will love celebrating his brother. We did get a few presents that are birthday presents wrapped in separate paper, sigh.

At one, he loves scrunching up his nose, eating mum mum, saying “Boom, boom,” (his daddy taught him that) trying to eat legos, and splashing in the tub.(his favorite!)

…and Merry Christmas and thank you to everyone for such a special year. I will be sending out more info soon about a client event for 2015 clients coming soon (if you are on the e-mail list, you should have gotten a save the date this week for February 2nd and 7th. If you aren’t on the e-mail list, you can sign up on the e-mail tab on my facebook page here or e-mail me to be added to the list.) and also the 2014 Image of the Year! Can’t wait!

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Owen’s favorite song this year has definitely been “Rocketship Run” by Laurie Berkner. Ever since he heard it at the library, he is constantly counting and blasting off all over the house, park, grocery store, etc. I totally forgot that I had gotten this costume a few years ago on clearance after Halloween. Owen found it by looking through different closets in the house. (which is often hilarious because he finds things I forget we have. A week or two ago, he found a big bag of brand new play doh so he, of course, was ecstatic.) So we had to find an astronaut costume for Harrison, right? (Because, you know, this is probably the ONLY year this is going to happen) The smallest astronaut costume I could find was 24 months and it totally fits him right? Maybe a little big in the arms but it was difficult even getting him in it. (He’s 10 months. My little 6lbs, 15 oz 5 week early baby is a big boy rocking his 24 months costume)

We will be out trick or treating tonight. Looks like the weather is still at 0% chance of precipitation (yay!) unlike the forecast for tomorrow, which is not looking good. Stay safe and have a great time tonight, Oh and Happy Halloween!


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Oh, he is growing so fast and you know this is so hard for my Mama heart. This summer I was thinking about his first year, how fast it was going, and the milestones I wanted to capture. I knew I really wanted a Mommy & Me session – just me and him, to capture his sweet little personality at 9 months. We had already planned a fall family session, but I knew I would want to capture images that focused more on him and his sweet little personality at 9 months. So I was beyond thrilled that Amy of Sunshower Photography was going to be driving through here and would be able to stop by for a session with my sweet baby boy. And, these are absolutely perfect, just perfect. The first image of him giggling while he’s crawling away (and me chasing him..) that is our everyday. He will get up and start walking soon and these days of chasing those sweet chubby crawling legs will be gone. (It will turn into running to catch him, right?) The facial expressions, his personality are in each and every image, and oh I love that so much about these. And the one of him twirling his hair, oh so precious to me.

This little one is such a gift…truly. I treasure these images of our Christmas Day baby so much. I’m so thankful for this sweet baby boy that brings so much joy to our lives. I know I’m about to blink and his first year will be over, and I’m super thankful I took the time to plan something for just me and him. Thank you so much, Amy!! These are such a treasure!


raleigh-wake-forest-baby-photography_1282P I N this to pinterestraleigh-wake-forest-baby-photography_1283P I N this to pinterestraleigh-wake-forest-baby-photography_1284P I N this to pinterestraleigh-wake-forest-baby-photography_1285P I N this to pinterestraleigh-wake-forest-baby-photography_1286P I N this to pinterestraleigh-wake-forest-baby-photography_1287P I N this to pinterestraleigh-wake-forest-baby-photography_1288P I N this to pinterestraleigh-wake-forest-baby-photography_1289P I N this to pinterestraleigh-wake-forest-baby-photography_1290P I N this to pinterestraleigh-wake-forest-baby-photography_1291P I N this to pinterestraleigh-wake-forest-baby-photography_1292P I N this to pinterestraleigh-wake-forest-baby-photography_1293P I N this to pinterestraleigh-wake-forest-baby-photography_1294P I N this to pinterestraleigh-wake-forest-baby-photography_1295P I N this to pinterestraleigh-wake-forest-baby-photography_1296P I N this to pinterestraleigh-wake-forest-baby-photography_1297P I N this to pinterestraleigh-wake-forest-baby-photography_1298P I N this to pinterestraleigh-wake-forest-baby-photography_1299P I N this to pinterestraleigh-wake-forest-baby-photography_1300P I N this to pinterest

Photography by Sunshower Photography

Hair and Makeup – Larkspur Salon Spa

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It’s the first day of October (Can you believe it?!) We will be celebrating with pumpkin muffins this morning. That has been my word lately..celebrate. I’ve been trying to find more ways to celebrate the little things (like the last day of summer with an ice cream cone and the first day of fall with a picnic  – Our awesome picnic treats were made by Sugar Euphoria)

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Last day of Summer Ice Cream Cone

I got a chalkboard for Owen’s room and I’ve been using a chalk marker to make a calendar for the month and week. I did not know chalk markers existed until this calendar. They are awesome! Soooo much easier than using chalk! And, wow, Owen has loveeed having a calendar. We’ve counted down days, and it has helped him really see the days of the week. Having a calendar of our month has made planning our little ways to celebrate our days so much more fun. And now if I forget what day it is, he totally reminds me. We’ve been celebrating more this month – stopping for a sno cone, exploring new places and going on more nature walks. Owen calls them “our adventures” and when we change the calendar, he gets so excited about coming up with new ideas. I’ve been trying to be more intentional about planning experiences, “adventures,” and less time on stuff.  I will admit October is a difficult time for me because it is my busiest but even if we get outside for a little bit everyday, that will make me happy. Owen has started playing flag football this fall, and that is an adventure all in itself – so much fun to watch him play each Saturday morning after my sessions.

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Our Fall Picnic

Goals for October

* Bake a pumpkin pie

* Accomplish our annual trip to Hill Ridge Farms

* Finalize outfits for our own family photos at the end of the month.

* I’ll be in major editing mode this month (along with all the sessions) so definitely my goal, as always, to get galleries out as quickly as possible

* Say thank you more – find little ways to say thank you this month

What are your goals this month or ways you plan to celebrate October?


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