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I will admit, I was sad for him last Christmas Eve on the way to the hospital, five weeks early, at 11:30 PM, knowing that his birthday was most likely going to be the 25th. (I did – I cried all the way to the hospital) He wasn’t supposed to be here for another five weeks, and the photographer in me was stressed that we didn’t even take phone chargers to the hospital…you totally have no battery left at 11:30PM. I did have my camera bag always ready – ha! (batteries charged and cards clean) but was pretty sure a cell phone was going to be way easier for Michael to manage. I didn’t call or text our birth photographer we had hired because I really didn’t want to take away from her family on Christmas or for her to feel bad about not coming. I am spending a lot of time talking about photos, right? I did love the photo I had of the first moment I held Owen and that was really important to me.

He was born early Christmas morning..and in Owen’s mind, it was perfect. We had told him he was getting a brother after Christmas, (you know, late January) and to him, that’s exactly what happened. His grandparents picked him up from a friend’s house, took him to open his presents at home, and then he came to the hospital to meet his baby brother, you know, right after Christmas.I did write a big post about them meeting here – it was the sweetest day ever and such a sweet memory.

There were days I wondered if we’d ever have another little one…every time I see quotes or signs about patience, I think about all the dreaming and praying for this little guy. Right from the beginning, he stole our hearts. I don’t know how many times I’ve been asked over the first year how he’s doing and I just get choked up or start crying. He is truly a blessing and watching the relationship he has with his brother is truly a gift. He is a gift and every day I am so thankful for my two precious boys. I wanted to share some sweet moments from their first year together. It has been such a joy watching them become best friends.

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I am finding there are definitely challenging parts to having a Christmas birthday (though it’s only my first one) ….trying to go to the grocery store to get balloons on Christmas Eve (or really just trying to go to the grocery store at all) is just dangerous. Everyone else is ordering cakes so make sure you order early…and then really..when do we celebrate it? I am thinking at 2 1/2 we will start having 1/2 birthday parties, and if there are any other mamas out there with Christmas babies, do share how your make your little one’s day special. I do think we’ll find a day next week to be just about him, which I know Owen will love celebrating his brother. We did get a few presents that are birthday presents wrapped in separate paper, sigh.

At one, he loves scrunching up his nose, eating mum mum, saying “Boom, boom,” (his daddy taught him that) trying to eat legos, and splashing in the tub.(his favorite!)

…and Merry Christmas and thank you to everyone for such a special year. I will be sending out more info soon about a client event for 2015 clients coming soon (if you are on the e-mail list, you should have gotten a save the date this week for February 2nd and 7th. If you aren’t on the e-mail list, you can sign up on the e-mail tab on my facebook page here or e-mail me to be added to the list.) and also the 2014 Image of the Year! Can’t wait!

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