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What I Learned in August 

    August is always a farewell to summer. (sniff, sniff) Though I will admit, I love the cooler temperatures..sweaters, jeans, boots, coffee, all of that. I wish I was more of a fan of vitamin D, but my favorite is to be inside curled up with a book and a warm drink.(I love rainy days, too! Except when I’m supposed to be working outside.) We spent a few days at the beach, just the four of us, right before Owen had to go back to school. I was so super sad to drop him off for another year.

What I Learned in August..

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1.The new library in Wake Forest is awesome. My kids love pouring through the kids section, it is awesome.

2.Reading to my kids is my favorite, and something I want to make more of a priority of in September. Reading has always been big in our house, and we read a lot, but sometimes at night, I just need to work so Michael puts them to bed. It’s my favorite, favorite, time, and something I don’t want to miss. (Check out our what we’re reading posts here)

3.It’s the little things. One day during the first week of school, Owen came home and told me, “My teacher smiled just at me.” How precious is that – something so small can make a child’s day.

4.Since we have a big Minecraft fan in our house, we hear about it daily. Um, who knew you could listen to minecraft parodies on You Tube.

5.I didn’t know this website + their facebook existed until this month. So much organization inspiration. You’re welcome.

6.So one of my goals for August was to read The Mason Jar Cookbook. And then I just happened to get invited to a Mason Jar Party by one of my BFFS (read all about it here) Oh my, I loved it so much. The easiest, healthiest way to do lunch for the week!

We crammed a lot of summer into our last beach trip!

Dixie Grill in Wilmington

Sunset Slush, Beaches-n-Cream, Ocean Boulevard Coffee (chocolate milk) The Filling Station in Shallotte

Putt Putt + go kart

beach raft fun

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What I Learned in July

1.Packing Groceries ahead of time for the beach is my favorite. If you’ve been following my blog for a while, then you know that I mostly eat whole30. Fast food doesn’t really work that great for whole30 and our grocery stores are limited at the beach. (no Harris teeter with whole30 approved bacon) My mama is doing whole30 with me, and we did fine with our groceries/eating out Memorial Day week, but this time we decided to grocery shop here for a lot of things + also pack our cooler. I think we went to the grocery store for two things the whole week, and it was fabulous. (July 4th is also the busiest week at our tiny beach and Food Lion gets super crowded..which it was also nice to avoid the crowds) We got to eat our bacon all week and several other yummy things we brought along….and no wasted time at the grocery store. We did also stop at the Harris Teeter on 17 in Wilmington when we were driving in and picked up a few things we forgot (Across from the Walmart) It’s hard to see it from the road and never super busy. I also try to never leave the house without something in my purse, my favorite is either almonds or these. (I looooove them – so yummy. it’s that sea salt!)

2.Further proof that Sprouts is coming to Falls of Neuse and Litchford. I am beyond excited about this. I have been hearing rumors, there have been articles online, etc, but now there is a picture in front of the spot. I am sooooo excited!

3.Having to be quick at photo shoots is important lately. This has been my month of running from the rain during sessions..Well, ever since spring. There have been some sessions where we barely missed a storm, some where it stormed in the middle, and some where it stormed right when the session started and ended. It’s been a crazy weather month.

4. Kindness is always important. One thing the boys and I have been doing each week this month is focusing on how we can think about someone else that week, what can we do to let someone else know we are thinking about them. Owen has thought up some pretty sweet ideas, and I know Pop Pop loved having a peach cream pie surprise delivered to brighten his day. (Scratch Baking was in Our State this month, and he had been talking about how he really wanted to try one of their pies. The peach cream was unbelievable. I may have had a bite)

5.The biggest difference I noticed this month from whole30 is how much I love not being addicted to sugar. There are definitely some days I miss it, but overall I don’t feel like I need it everyday which is a huge difference for me. I do try to cheat once a week, and I’m so much more selective about what I want for my cheat meal – ha. I also now make my coffee in the vitamix without fancy creamers. (The vitamix makes it frothy like a latte which is awesome) My coffee includes organic coffee, grass fed collagen, smidge of coconut oil, smidge of grass fed organic unsalted kerrygold butter and a 1/2 tablespoon 0rganic cacao. I’ve also been experimenting with the Savory Spice Shop’s Murray River Salt and Fleur de Sel salt to see which one I like better in my coffee. Every since our trip to Amelie’s in Charlotte, I neeeeed salt in my coffee.

What I read this month..

This has been a super busy month with our first Coastal family minis, a week at the beach, and then so many sweet newborns I’m still editing. I did mange to squeeze in two books, but I had hoped to read more this month. Reading is my favorites because it makes me relax + de stress, and totally love my  kindlebecause I don’t have to wait for amazon to deliver them or try to plan a trip to the bookstore (not going to happen probably)

1.The One-in-a-Million Boy. This was such a great book and sweet story. I did cry a little bit because I’m a mama, but I loved that it was different then picking up a love story beach read that I read too many of in the Spring. (I needed light + happy when going through my surgery)

2.Before We Visit the Goddess This was another great story, and I read it so quickly. I loved how it told you about the grandma, daughter and granddaughter’s lives. There were so many different people telling the story, such a great read.

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Rebecca Keller is an NC Raleigh family photographer featured in People Magazine who spends her time sipping iced coffee, chasing after her two little ones, reading, running, and editing. Because we chat a lot about our personal lives on the blog, we may receive commissions on affiliate links in articles. Contact Rebecca Keller Photography for more information about Holden Beach and Raleigh family photography.