Raleigh Wake Forest Baby Photography – Mommy & Me at 9 Months

Oh, he is growing so fast and you know this is so hard for my Mama heart. This summer I was thinking about his first year, how fast it was going, and the milestones I wanted to capture. I knew I really wanted a Mommy & Me session – just me and him, to capture his sweet little personality at 9 months. We had already planned a fall family session, but I knew I would want to capture images that focused more on him and his sweet little personality at 9 months. So I was beyond thrilled that Amy of Sunshower Photography was going to be driving through here and would be able to stop by for a session with my sweet baby boy. And, these are absolutely perfect, just perfect. The first image of him giggling while he’s crawling away (and me chasing him..) that is our everyday. He will get up and start walking soon and these days of chasing those sweet chubby crawling legs will be gone. (It will turn into running to catch him, right?) The facial expressions, his personality are in each and every image, and oh I love that so much about these. And the one of him twirling his hair, oh so precious to me.

This little one is such a gift…truly. I treasure these images of our Christmas Day baby so much. I’m so thankful for this sweet baby boy that brings so much joy to our lives. I know I’m about to blink and his first year will be over, and I’m super thankful I took the time to plan something for just me and him. Thank you so much, Amy!! These are such a treasure!


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Photography by Sunshower Photography

Hair and Makeup – Larkspur Salon Spa

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