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Can’t believe it’s already been a year since his 2nd birthday. We ate so much cake this year – cake the night before his birthday, his traditional morning of his birthday cupcake, and then, of course, his cowboy cake. He loooooooved blowing out the candles and wanted us to light the candles over and over again. We continued the tradition of waking him up with balloons which he loved and he spent the morning playing with his new toy for his cars and his big pirate ship. Even with the water from the heavy rains covering the sandbox, he had such a great time at his cowboy party. (you can see his 3rd birthday cowboy portraits I took here) After the kids had finished eating and had played for a while, the boys were up at the table screaming for cupcakes and cake – they were way too cute. That cowboy cake from Delicious bakery was super yummy too! Thanks to everyone who came out to celebrate Owen’s birthday and made it such a special day for him!


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Super excited to participate in 10 on 10 again with so many talented photographers! A few weeks ago we took a family trip to Ohio where Owen went to his first Major League baseball game – he was thrilled! He had a hotdog, saw two home runs in a row, and got a new baseball jersey. Our seats were in the hot sun and we found out the Kids Clubhouse was the best spot to watch the game – a playground and shaded bleachers. While in Ohio, Owen got his hair cut at the same barbershop where his daddy got his hair cut in college. And oh, we ate a lot of great food while we were there including Strickland’s, Rockne’s, and Swensons. It was a great trip, and I think we’re still shocked every time we take Owen on a long car trip and he does so well. He loves coloring, playing on his “Ipad,” and he usually sleeps a little bit of the trip. Don’t forget to head on over to Bozeman Family Photographer Kelly Kuntz’s take on this month’s 10 on 10.

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At the end of the week, we went to the beach for Memorial Day Weekend (Owen & Pop Pop looking at the ocean) and then Charlie was so glad when the week was over and we were finally home!



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Can’t believe our little man is going to be three this week! He had so much fun with his horse and his cowboy gear. (and of course, is adorable birthday shirt is from ALM Designs) That horse is way cute – it even makes sounds which he loves. He is always running around the house screaming, “YEE HAW!” I love how these capture his happy little self – he loves to run and play. Oh, and it’s so sweet – he loves picking me flowers. Pretty much everywhere we go, he is on the hunt to find mommy some flowers – melts my heart.

He is soooo excited about his birthday (especially birthday cake!) Everyday he’s been asking about his cowboy cake – too cute! Oh, and of course, he’s excited about presents, too! Can’t wait to continue all of our BIRTHDAY TRADITIONS!

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So let’s see – what have we been up to this month? Headed to the beach (Oh yeah, Coastal sessions are starting soon) Owen loves spending his afternoons on his scooter, he can spend hours playing with his car carrier and matchbox cars…hmm. what else. We celebrated my birthday with a cupcake at Maxie B’s. Their strawberry cake is still my absolute favorite cake ever. (It is awesome!) We tried out the new carts at Target (love them) and then of course, this child loves playing at Pop Pop’s Store. Even though it’s been really yucky lately, April has had me sooo excited about summer. I absolutely cannot wait to be outside everyday. I still have to finish my summer bucket list. I am super excited that Owen will be taking swim lessons. (And he’s excited too. All he keeps talking about it one day he’ll be able to go down the big slide) Mr. man will turn three next month, and I know the summer is just going to fly by!

Head on over to Oshawa Family Photographer Kerri Davis to see her take on this month’s theme.

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So I had all the usual reasons for not taking our own family portraits. We’re busy. REALLY busy. (Who isn’t who has small children?) But everytime I come home from a photoshoot, I’d look at the blank walls where I wanted images of the three of us. We didn’t have time for a weekend shoot. March really isn’t the best month to be outside (it was super windy) I mean,I could lose 10 lbs and we can wait three months right? Three months usually turns into 6 or 10 and then you’re like, oh, we never took family portraits. So, after our trip to Texas, I finally said, that’s it. I’m not waiting until I look perfect (we can all relate right?) and I spent time online looking for someone to take our portraits. We met Brett & Jessica one windy afternoon in March. They are the sweetest couple and if you are looking for a wedding photographer, you should definitely call them. Really stunning images and such a personable and fun couple – definitely someone you want hanging out with you on your wedding day.

What was my favorite part of the shoot? Probably the fact that they just let us be us. Sure I planned alot of things. (our outfits. Whew. You already know Owen wore my favorite outfit of his, I found my clothes pretty easily, but it took me a while to find a shirt for Michael that would coordinate.) I brought balloons to keep Owen in one spot for a big negative space image I knew I wanted. (I also brought a puzzle, too.) Oh, and I also wore a scarf. in March. So as you can see in some of the images it was all over the place. And you know what, getting back to the letting us be us part, I really don’t care if my scarf wasn’t perfect. They sent us soo many images, and when I opened them, I cried. They captured a magical time in our lives. A time of running,  tickling, playing puzzles (mr. man’s favorite) throwing him up in the air. The three of us laughing together – what a treasure. All of them. All the reasons why I kept putting off family portraits seemed so silly after I saw them. I love that they captured the love between the three of us. (Ok so I am totally crying now:)Yes, I’ve already ordered canvas & prints (yay) because what fun is it to just look at them on the computer. I’m also working on an album design because they captured something so special for us and I can’t wait to display it, and for Owen to enjoy looking through the images. Thanks to Brett & Jessica for capturing fun, authentic moments for our family.

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