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Farmer Ganyard at Upchurch Farms Photos

November Goals 

1.Start at least one of the projects I keep putting off. At least start an outline for everything I want to do.Get some fresh air from editing. #busiestmonthoftheyear

2.Watch the Polar Express a few times so Harrison is super excited when we go to Spencer. We have been to Bryson City a few times, but this year I just didn’t want to go that far, so Spencer it is!


3.I want to participate in the December Daily so I need to get myself organized in November so I am ready!

4.Buy some boots. I must have decluttered most of my shoes. And my toes are cold so I bought some flats in Target but of course, they just make my feet hurt. I don’t have time to shop right now but I need to make it a priority to save myself from blisters and/or having to wear sandals in the freezing cold.farmer ganyard upchurch farms photo 34_5249P I N this to pinterest


5.Make pumpkin muffins + homemade chocolate chip cookies. Make biscuits for the boys to go with their daily pancakes once a week. (Ya’ll, I have been reading The Lifegiving Tableand it’s totally changed our meal time routine + I am now trying all kinds of new recipes and cooking so much more. I love, it though, and the boys do,too!) Send me your favorite recipes + cookbook recommendations! It is getting darker earlier, too, which means less time in the park + more time for cooking. The long evenings at the park are crock pot + instant pot days. Oh, and I want to cook pies this month. I can’t even eat this stuff! What’s gotten into me?

6.Finish clearing out the decluttering that has been happening in Owen’s old room. (His room before he decided to share a room with Harrison)

7.Edit, edit, and more editing. Stay on top of all the editing but also get some fresh air when I need it! #busiestmonthoftheyear

8.Help with Owen’s play practice at school.

9.Blog recent sessions. I have so many I need to get out here into the blog world! Hello fall!

10. Finalize a date to go to the Candle Tea in Old Salem in December.

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October Goals

Raleigh Fall Baby Photography

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“I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.” ― L.M. Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables

I always love this quote, and I looove October. And today really does feel like October. (maybe, finally, it will be fall?) Our falls are so confusing in North Carolina – 90s one day, 50s the next, but I’ll take every single ounce of fall I can get. Things I’m excited about for fall – leaf piles (we have a huge favorite one we visit every year) apple picking (well, we already did this, because close to Raleigh, you have to pick early) pumpkin everything, cool enough days to walk, Hill Ridge Farms, the list goes on and on!

Goals for October

1.If you follow me on facebook, you may have heard about the great Keller decluttering of 2017. It has been a lot of work, and oh so time consuming, but I really love my downstairs so much more. We are still working on the upstairs, because it takes so much time, and can be exhausting sometimes! I do not have this super organized brain so it really drains me sometimes. For this month, I really want to finish Owen’s room’s closet + our bonus room closet. And also the random piles of stuff around the house to either take to goodwill/sell/etc. I have had great success with porch pick up on facebook + it was the greatest invention ever.

2.I love the idea of this challenge for fall. I may turn on my diffuser instead of a candle, though:)I can have a hard time resting sometimes, but it’s so needed.

3.Go see a few more houses on the Parade of Homes. I love going to see the Parade of Homes, and Michael and I got to spend a little over an hour at a few houses this weekend (but I want to go see more homes! There’s a few more weekends) This house was pretty amazing to see – loved the boat lift in the closet.

4.Take the kids to Hill Ridge Farms. Oh my, do they love this place!

5.Plan last minute details for our trip to Williamsburg. (If you have any tips for Williamsburg, please let me know!) I have been reading alot about Williamsburg, but still don’t feel like I am super prepared. Owen absolutely LOVES history, so I know he will love it. Harrison pretty much loves just being with is brother and so I know he’ll have a great time.

6.Carve pumpkins

7.Make apple cider from Tin Roof Teas. 


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Rebecca Keller is a Raleigh Newborn Photographer featured in the Bump, Let The Kids Dress Themselves and several other blogs.

August Goals

Raleigh Maternity Photographer

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July 4th at Holden Beach

All I can say about August is I want to soak up the last few days of summer. I say few because Owen starts school so so early. I will admit, though, he gets a few long breaks during the year, and it’s nice to have the option of taking a trip in the fall/spring.

1. Work on Bible Journaling for Owen (See What I Learned in July)

2. Eat our last Beaches-n-Cream of the summer. (Hoping they have red velvet or krispy kreme next week!)

3. There are a few projects I’d like to start, but I’m not overly optimistic it will happen, because SUMMER is almost over.

4. Paint with the boys

5. Fly a kite at the beach.

6. Make S’mores (with bacon!)

7. Sign the boys up for fall sports.

8. I’ve really enjoyed reading historical fiction about NYC – so add to my ever growing list + conquer. (I just finished this one – it was actually non fiction, and so fascinating!)

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July Favorites

Beaches n Cream Holden Beach Photographer

Beaches n Cream Holden Beach Photographer 434P I N this to pinterestAlways a Summer Favorite, Beaches-n-Cream at Holden Beach | Styled by Little Apple Styles

There’s nothing like deep breaths after laughing that hard. Northing in the world like a sore stomach for the right reasons. -Stephen Chbosky.

    We just finished our Coastal Minis and had to finish our week at the beach with ice cream from Beaches-n-Cream, because they are the best. If you follow me, then you know I’m super strict about how much sugar I eat..but I can’t go to the beach without my ice cream. Their flavors are amazing, and I definitely try to get Krispy Kreme or Red Velvet Cheesecake while I’m there. (Red velvet is an absolute favorite of mine and then add in cheesecake..oh my, love.) On that note, I did hear that the Cheesecake Factory is having 1/2 price cheesecake at the end of the month if anyone else is a fan of their red velvet cheesecake. (National Cheesecake Day is July 30th) And now I’m not thinking about sugar and desserts or anything, ha!

Favorites in July

1.Peaches. Am I the only one that thinks Peaches are the best part of summer? My fridge is overflowing, and I just can’t eat enough of them. And the white ones, so so yum! The white peaches are just so sweet. I don’t need cobbler or extra sugar, etc, just give me the fruit!

2.Lazy 5 Ranch. We headed to the grandparents which aren’t too far from Lazy 5 ranch, and we headed out there to see all the animals. So my car is approaching 200,000 miles and is still cruising, but Michael’s car is a lot newer. Plus, the kids don’t ride in his as much so it’s always super clean. Driving his car probably wasn’t the best idea because the Watusi  (the largest horned cattle breed in the world) came like millimeters from his car with their huge horns. You can of course roll down the windows and feed the animals. The kids were more content to look at all the animals, but definitely rolled down the window and fed the Llamas. (because you know, we are big Llama Llama Red Pajamafans) and this version, too! ha! And we had just fed Llamas a week before at my sweet friend’s farm, so they have been quite attached to llamas lately. Lazy 5 Ranch is huge. I mean, it’s pretty much amazing how huge it is. You definitely have to block out a lot of time to go through it. (And you may get someone in front of you that stos at every single animal so could take longer. It’s just miles and miles of animals) fIt’s really beautiful, and there are a ton of animals. You have to watch out for the Zebras – they warn you a few times + there are several signs not to feed or pet them. (You can see all of the animals they have on their website here) You are not allowed to bring your pets + the ranch only takes cash so come prepared. It started raining during the last part of our ride through but we had seen so much at that point, it wasn’t a big deal, and the animals were acting like nothing was even going on. (Still coming up to cars to eat..a little rain wasn’t going to bother them!) It was really neat to see all the trees and the tree roots. It’s so easy to forget the huge roots that are under the ground, and Owen enjoyed seeing all of the roots. The giraffes were in a fenced in area with a barn, and it was fun to see them! There was a lot of cattle, cows, deers, and pigs everywhere. What a fun afternoon at the ranch.

lazy 5 ranch charlotte photos 4523_4793P I N this to pinterestlazy 5 ranch charlotte photos 4523_4794P I N this to pinterestlazy 5 ranch charlotte photos 4523_4795P I N this to pinterestlazy 5 ranch charlotte photos 4523_4796P I N this to pinterestlazy 5 ranch charlotte photos 4523_4797P I N this to pinterestlazy 5 ranch charlotte photos 4523_4798P I N this to pinterestlazy 5 ranch charlotte photos 4523_4799P I N this to pinterestlazy 5 ranch charlotte photos 4523_4800P I N this to pinterestlazy 5 ranch charlotte photos 4523_4801P I N this to pinterest

3. Speaking of Llamas…bottle feeding the baby lambs + also getting to feed the Llamas was such a treat for my boys. We’ve never gotten to bottle feed little lambs, the sweetest.

4.Electronic Battleship and Clue. We had a blast playing both of these at the beach July 4th, and so we came home and bought Electronic Battleship . The best part of it? You can play all by yourself against the computer, so it’s been very entertaining for Owen.

5.Southern Sugar Bakery. I just realized I hadn’t put them on the blog as a favorite before – if you need cookies, these girls are amazing. I recently bought some super cute keys/front door cookies for my new neighbor!

6.There is a steamer basketfor the Instant Pot . You know I’m a huge fan of the instapot and nom nom paleo is my favorite place for recipes. (Oh, and she has has a new book you can preorder.)

7.Bijou Southern – super cute stuff!

8.Magic tree house at the UNC Planetarium. Owen is in love with everything chapter books right now, and you know how hard it is to get Magic Tree House books at the library. He loves theIncreible Fact Book, and also that you can get the matching fictionand Nonfictionbooks. We have to request them or just see what three books they have on the shelf when we are there, ha! The Planetarium show truly was magical + the boys just loved it. It was thirty minutes long, and just perfect. They also did a ten minute show after to talk about what constellations you can see in the Chapel Hill sky. I don’t know if my boys could sit through another show after that. The history of the Planetarium is really neat, and they’ve actually trained astronauts there.

9.Having lots and lots of books everywhere. We go to the library, like all the time. I have this seriously long hold list and we are always getting notifications a book is ready. Sometimes Owen reads three chapter books a day. Thank you, library for the endless amounts of free books.

10.On that note, Audiobooks. My kids have really been into audiobooks lately. Owen is currently listening to Wonderand next on his list is My Father’s Dragon.

11. Sheet pan dinners. Why are these just showing up in my newsfeed? Anyone have any favorite recipes? I have been known to be addicted to roasting brussel sprouts seven days a week but I didn’t even think about a whole meal in a pan. I just don’t have enough of my brain to think of all the possibilities because this.

12. The size of this bookwas daunting, and it took me an entire week to read it. (I know you’re thinking thats not a long time, but I just read realllly fast. I was one of those kids teachers always told to slow down) I really enjoyed learning a lot about the history of New York. Super interesting book, I’ll definitely have to read more of his books!

13. Two things I have seen at newborn sessions that are awesome for new moms – the Boppy newborn lounger+ the Kiinde Storage and Bottles . Realllly great baby gear.

14. I finally finished 13 Reasons because I need netflix for editing. It just helps so much when I’m sitting sitting sitting at the computer forever. It was very interesting and such a reminder of how cruel high school can be…but now I’m at a loss as to what to watch next. Suggestions, PLEASE!

15. Loved this article so much. A good reason to limit my screen time for my kiddos so they can have more days making fake F.B.I. cards and sketching.

17. Do we have Laughter yoga in Raleigh? This looks like so much fun. Fake laughing totally makes me crack up.

18. SmartyPants Kids Vitamins. Love that they have B12, D3 and fish oil. This is not your normal run of the mill kids vitamin.

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Go Ape Raleigh NC

July Goals

July does stress me out a little because it’s like saying, one whole month of summer is done and before you know it, school will be back. We have been trying to soak up as much summer as we can, amidst working and editing, etc. We are starting out the first week of July at the beach which of course, screams summer! One other summer adventure we went on was to Go Ape at Blu Jay Point. If you read my post yesterday, you’d know Owen has been loving ropes courses. Go Ape is great because it’s in the trees, it’s cool, the instructors are very helpful, and I didn’t feel like it was crazy high up in the air. We made reservations over the phone because it didn’t give me the option not to pay as an adult on their website. (If you observe from the ground, you don’t have to pay) Harrison said absolutely not was he doing it, so he hung out with me. (He could have done it if I did it with him) The boys had so much fun, working on all the challenges and going on the zipline and were just nonstop the whole time. And the image I got when Owen stopped to smile at me, be still my Mama heart. I had him wear a hat (because, ticks) and put on lots of sunscreen. You have to wear closed toes shoes, and of course, we all brought our water bottles. It was really fun – Owen loved it so much + we will definitely be back.

Go Ape Raleigh NC 343 Blu Jay Point 45_4660P I N this to pinterestGo Ape Raleigh NC 343 Blu Jay Point 45_4661P I N this to pinterestGo Ape Raleigh NC 343 Blu Jay Point 45_4662P I N this to pinterestGo Ape Raleigh NC 343 Blu Jay Point 45_4663P I N this to pinterestGo Ape Raleigh NC 343 Blu Jay Point 45_4664P I N this to pinterestGo Ape Raleigh NC 343 Blu Jay Point 45_4665P I N this to pinterestGo Ape Raleigh NC 343 Blu Jay Point 45_4666P I N this to pinterestGo Ape Raleigh NC 343 Blu Jay Point 45_4667P I N this to pinterestGo Ape Raleigh NC 343 Blu Jay Point 45_4668P I N this to pinterestGo Ape Raleigh NC 343 Blu Jay Point 45_4669P I N this to pinterestGo Ape Raleigh NC 343 Blu Jay Point 45_4670P I N this to pinterestGo Ape Raleigh NC 343 Blu Jay Point 45_4671P I N this to pinterestGo Ape Raleigh NC 343 Blu Jay Point 45_4672P I N this to pinterestGo Ape Raleigh NC 343 Blu Jay Point 45_4673P I N this to pinterestGo Ape Raleigh NC 343 Blu Jay Point 45_4674P I N this to pinterest

July Goals

  1. Plan out what I want to do with the kids the rest of summer since it’s 1/2 way through.
  2. Finish planning NJ/NYC trip with a friend. Read historical fiction books about NY.
  3. Eat cookie dough here while in NYC.
  4. Take the kids to the Tobacco Campus for an evening picnic
  5. Take the kids to Beaches-n-Cream for some Krispy Kreme Ice Cream
  6. Check out the ropes course at the Shallotte Swamp Park.