Raleigh Newborn Family Lifestyle Photographer NC – October Goals

It’s the first day of October (Can you believe it?!) We will be celebrating with pumpkin muffins this morning. That has been my word lately..celebrate. I’ve been trying to find more ways to celebrate the little things (like the last day of summer with an ice cream cone and the first day of fall with a picnic  – Our awesome picnic treats were made by Sugar Euphoria)

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Last day of Summer Ice Cream Cone

I got a chalkboard for Owen’s room and I’ve been using a chalk marker to make a calendar for the month and week. I did not know chalk markers existed until this calendar. They are awesome! Soooo much easier than using chalk! And, wow, Owen has loveeed having a calendar. We’ve counted down days, and it has helped him really see the days of the week. Having a calendar of our month has made planning our little ways to celebrate our days so much more fun. And now if I forget what day it is, he totally reminds me. We’ve been celebrating more this month – stopping for a sno cone, exploring new places and going on more nature walks. Owen calls them “our adventures” and when we change the calendar, he gets so excited about coming up with new ideas. I’ve been trying to be more intentional about planning experiences, “adventures,” and less time on stuff.  I will admit October is a difficult time for me because it is my busiest but even if we get outside for a little bit everyday, that will make me happy. Owen has started playing flag football this fall, and that is an adventure all in itself – so much fun to watch him play each Saturday morning after my sessions.

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Our Fall Picnic

Goals for October

* Bake a pumpkin pie

* Accomplish our annual trip to Hill Ridge Farms

* Finalize outfits for our own family photos at the end of the month.

* I’ll be in major editing mode this month (along with all the sessions) so definitely my goal, as always, to get galleries out as quickly as possible

* Say thank you more – find little ways to say thank you this month

What are your goals this month or ways you plan to celebrate October?


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