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A few things I learned in March…

1. Getting up early changes my day so much. I will admit, it is super hard to get up early, especially when you have little ones, they already get up so early, and you are pretty much exhausted all the time. This month I have consistently gotten up at least an hour before the kids should get up, and it has really changed my days. Being able to read and workout before the day starts makes everyday so much easier.

2. I reallly love mentoring and teaching. I used to be a second grade teacher with full days of singing, dancing, and teaching, so I really enjoy teaching others. I’ve started offering mentoring and had a blast this month. Looking forward to another day of teaching in April.

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2. Don’t go to a hair appointment after the dentist. Since I already had a babysitter, I tried to plan both on the same day. It was kind of hilarious…I had to keep myself from drooling through the entire appointment. Thank goodness Margo understands – she is pretty much amazing with my hair.

3. The endodontist is nothing to be scared of. (Yes, I had to go to both the dentist and endodontist this month) I had such a positive experience – I felt like it was better than getting a cavity filled. I have such an extremely hard time at the dentist- I do. I ask for a blanket and bring my headphones and listen to podcasts. (In case anyone else has a hard time going to the dentist also, those two things REALLY help me!)

4. Reading more makes me happy. This goes a long with number one, but man, I LOVE reading and when I’m trying to squeeze it in when the kids are awake, it just rarely happens. Books I read this month – Glitter and Glue, Make it Happen, and Ordering Your Private World. Any suggestions on good books you have read lately?

5. Planning more meaningful experiences into small pockets of time creates some sweet family memories. Michael started a basketball league on a weeknight..and if you know Raleigh traffic, there is no point in him coming home before going back to Morrisville. So, we planned meeting up at the Observation park at RDU to squeeze in some family time, and what sweet memories. I am not fighting traffic to meet him or trying to squeeze in gym time in the afternoons anymore, thank goodness, so this a time we can listen to the control tower, the kids can play in the sandbox, run, and enjoy time as a family. (And how sweet to see Harrison pointing to the sky the next day looking for airplanes.)

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6. Even a one year old will pick out the marshmellows in Lucky Charms. We got a box of Lucky Charms for St. Patrick’s Day, and it cracked me up that Harrison only ate the marshmellows and ignored the rest.

What did you learn in March?! April Goals on the blog tomorrow!


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I am a few months behind in posting. (Harrison turned one Christmas Morning, 2014) but I had to share the images of the beautiful cake Randi made him from Sugar Euphoria. Harrison was not that interested in eating cake for his birthday, which this cake was so delicious, Owen, Michael, and I were definitely okay with their being more for us to eat. This little one has FINALLY started this week. Both of my boys decided to wait until the very last minute to walk, not interested in hurrying up one bit, and content just to crawl forever. He would stand in one place for weeks, but was just not interested in going anywhere fast.

It’s going to be tough having a Christmas birthday every year. (If you haven’t read the story of his birthday, he was five weeks early, so yes, I cried all the way to the hospital Christmas Eve “He’s going to hate his birthday!” I also purposely did NOTHING the 23rd and 24th in order to ensure that he would not have a holiday birthday. HA…like I had any control over his birthday.) I did not even leave the house the 24th. I really don’t like to work on holidays, but I was sitting on the couch most of the day and Michael was out running the last holiday errands so I finished editing two of the last three sessions I needed to get done. (very thankful I did! very difficult to edit or really do anything when you have a newborn!) So, I did want his cake smash… (which he barely touched the cake so it wasn’t really a cake smash. You can see the very unhappy face, “Don’t make me eat this, Mommy!?” He doesn’t get that from me – ha! Owen and I definitely had a feast eating this cake.) I did want it to have a little bit of a Christmas feel. He is our Christmas baby..and next year, we’ll probably celebrate his birthday in July, but for this year, why not a sparkly cake in front of the tree. Oh, and when you have a big brother watching you not eat your cake, he has to jump in for at least one photo. Love these boys to pieces!

Sweater and pants – Zara

Star cake toppers – Anthropologie

Cake – Sugar Euphoria

Crown – Down Home Amy

Wooden Star – Target 

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Oh the tough days of dropping the first nap and going down to just one nap. It can be so day they have so much energy and the next they are screaming mad and sound asleep by 10 A.M. The transition has been a little bit easier for this little one than it was for Owen, but still he has his days where he just can’t make it and needs to rest. A few weeks ago, I finally put a blanket in the crib (without worrying and checking on him every 5 minutes. I know most people say they can have them at 12 months, but still…) His Mimi also got him a lovie that didn’t have any eyes he could pull off and eat. (He tries to eat EVERYTHING – especially his blankie and lovie) How did he respond to the blanket and lovie? THRILLED. just giggles and giggles and loves them so much. He carries them around giggling (usually the blanket is in his mouth) If you ask him to pick one up, he goes and gets it. (melt my heart) He also started walking this week..(like barely walking…a few steps here and there) Neither one of my boys has been that excited or rushed to start walking. He also thinks it’s hilarious that he’s taken over Owen’s chair. Oh, that giggle and precious baby boy!

And in case you missed my facebook post, I’m looking for two newborn models March 25th and March 26th (These are family sessions so first baby with parents or parents with siblings too) Contact me for more info! Sessions include 5 free digital files.

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Am I the only person that didn’t have a clue that it was going to snow today? I was thinking Wednesday maybe Thursday we were going to get flurries for like ten minutes, no big deal. I really had no clue it was going to be a winter wonderland again. I mean, it snowed alllll day. I think every time I looked out the window it was snowing. Last week was the first round of snow for this year – I had to find some snow bibs for both boys (found some last minute on one of the online yard sales for Harrison – yay!) I still haven’t bought a sled (the one below was borrowed from a neighbor) If you’re reading this and you’re not from North Carolina, we just really don’t get snow all that often. And, it usually snows for ten minutes and doesn’t stick. Very rarely do we have a whole week of the kids missing school and snow or ice covering the ground. (And we really usually get more ice than snow) It’s only been a few days since the last snow and I only got to fit in two sessions (one in the studio and one newborn) before this new round of snow (more rescheduling after this snow melts)

These are from last week – we took like five seconds of photos in the snow with our boys (because it’s really just that rare – I had to capture a few images of us with them) I took Owen out sledding when Harrison was napping, and Michael was working from home, and then the second day both boys went out to play in the snow/ice but not for long because it’s just sooo cold. Indoor days mean hot chocolate, movies, crafts (Owen broke out the leftover pipe cleaners from Valentine’s Day) organizational projects, and cooking creatively without having to go to the store. (We didn’t get the run to the store for bread and milk memo yesterday – ha!)  It was snowing so much today we still haven’t ventured out. Are we getting more snow tomorrow and Thursday?!?

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I got to spend Thursday with my nieces, which was just so much fun. My mama helped me coordinate and plan a special morning the kids with lots of treast. (which, well, they all mostly ate three bites except Harrison) They also had some Valentine’s crafts to work on, and boy, did they love those. They had the crafts all over the table, chairs, and craft supplies strewn all over the floor. They ended up making each other some super cute Valentines which was really sweet. They also had fun with the huge balloons…(so much fun that one even got stuck in the ceiling fan – while it was going. My mom is awesome – I’m still amazed she was able to get it down.) And the fake candy lips were also a hit – too cute! My nieces don’t live close so it’s always so great when we get to see them, and I know Owen and Harrison just love them to pieces. Harrison often takes my mom’s Christmas card of the four of them off of the refrigerator and just crawls around the house with it giggling. (yes – he still crawls. Owen didn’t walk until he weas 15 months, and I’m wondering if it will be the same for Harrison) Happy Valentine’s Day – mine will be filled with lots of chocolate!

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Today is also my mom’s birthday – so thankful for her. She is my best friend, the best listener, definitely someone that will make you laugh, and my biggest encourager. This photo was from my Senior year in college – our trip to Spain during Spring Break. So special that we got to do that together. Happy Birthday, Mom! I love you!

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