Raleigh Mother Daughter Photography – The Floral Crowns Session

So I really just love this session..such a sweet Mother Daughters session and aren’t they all just stunning?  The floral crowns they made were just absolutely gorgeous, and this mama picked out so many pretty clothes for them to wear for the session. We had gorgeous weather (Oh, how I LOVE pretty sunsets) and it was just a perfect evening of laughter and trying to keep the floral crowns from falling. (They fall off pretty easily) And can’t you just see how this mama just glows with love for her little ones? So many sweet images with all three of her girls. And don’t laugh – I tried to look up a good mother daughter quote on pinterest for this post but I just ended up sobbing and wanting to call my own mama. So many favorites from this session (Don’t you just love the one of the oldest sister kissing her baby sister – eek! She was also my super big helper the day of this session –  see image here. I could not have done it without her help!)


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Jessica Carr Fein says:

These are stunning. Looks like a magazine shoot! What a beautiful family, simply gorgeous!