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So I’ve been editing this sweet little one’s annual summer portraits this afternoon, and it made me so sad that summer is over..the pool is closed and school has begun. Not that I don’t love fall, I do. I cannot wait for cooler temperatures! That will probably be the best thing about the third trimester with this pregnancy. (My third trimester with Owen was in May – June) So I decided I need to make a fall bucket list. I have totally already had a pumpkin spice latte, (or two!) and we will definitely take our annual trip to Hill Ridge Farms for our pumpkin. Everyday Owen suggests a different Halloween costume.We’ve picked up a few fall books (Owen loves Click, Clack, Boo!) I probably need to check Pinterest as I know those of you I follow have been pinning yummy pumpkin recipes. The next few months are probably going to be a whirlwind since it’s such a busy time of year with all of the holidays. (Owen reminds me all the time that he gets a new brother after Christmas) So, for fall, any suggestions? What’s on your fall bucket list? I need ideas and to start planning!

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So I may have added a little bit more than 10 for this month’s 10 on 10 Blog Circle. This is Mr. Man’s first year in preschool – last year he went to Mother’s Morning Out one day a week, but this is his first official year enrolled in preschool. Oh, he was so excited, especially since one of his best buddies is in his class. The first few are from the day they met their teachers, and they absolutely LOVED their classroom. I think they got every single toy out, played dress up with all the costumes, and colored their hearts out. Um, Owen in the superman costume was my favorite..I can’t believe I didn’t snap a better photo but you can kinda see the costume in one of the images.  His first few days at school have been really fun, and I can’t wait to hear about all he’s learning this year!

We also took a short Labor Day trip to the beach with friends. Since Henry and Mudge and the Forever Sea is one of Owen’s favorite books, he had to make a big sandcastle with his daddy just like Henry. (way too cute) It was so sad to say goodbye to summer. It’s so quiet after Labor Day and everything closes. I had to find out if my new favorite coffee spot was going to be open weekends during the winter. Even though this year there might not be as many beach trips with a new little one arriving. It’s going to be a busy fall and then a busy winter with a newborn.  I will be starting with first year sessions again mid-March and booking sessions full time in April.

Head on over to Natalia Walth Photography to see her take on this month’s 10 on 10.

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We had such a great time the week of July 4th at the beach. The cousins just laughed and played and spent time on the beach and then swimming in the spa. They had so much fun and were so worn out everyday. We tried a new ice cream spot this trip – the homemade waffle cones were delicious! Owen definitely thought so (see the video below) Jason and Amy also tried Ocean Boulevard coffee and agreed with my review of pretty much amazing. We continued our tradition of eating at the Boundary House, Seafood Barn, and of course the Provision Company. The kids also participated in the neighborhood parade, complete with popsicles. It was such a great time at the beach and the kids loved their sparklers, glow sticks, and the fireworks!

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While on the trip, I became addicted to Instagram video. Those of you who follow me probably saw several videos during our trip. I put together a little video of clips I took with my phone and some of the images from our trip.

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These three had so much fun together the week they spent at Camp Mimi for swim lessons. That week was truly a miracle. Before swim lessons, Owen would hold on to me for dear life in the water even if he had like three flotation devices. He was swimming underwater and even out in the deep with his floaties. This past week at the beach he was running and jumping in the ocean – he would have probably tried to swim out to sea if we had let him. All three of them were in the spa at the beach splashing and practicing their swimming skills. It was great to see his whole attitude towards the water change, and they had so much fun learning to swim together. The girls did so well too – I love the photo of Eden underwater. So proud of all of them for trying their best and learning so much. It was fun to try out underwater photography,too. Head on over to Spokane’s Lifestyle Family Photographer Debbie Mitchell for her take on this month’s theme!

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Um, yes, it’s true! Owen’s going to be a big brother in January. We are so excited, and I absolutely couldn’t wait to share the news. (Yes, we will be finding out if it’s a girl or boy and I’ll definitely keep you updated.) Thanks to everyone who’s kept me busy the past few months – it has helped the time fly by faster. I’m definitely feeling a lot better than I was in the first several weeks. Since I’m due in January, holiday sessions will only be through November and the fall is booking up quickly. (Contact me for more information) I’ll only be taking a few of my first year sessions in December. Thanks to everyone who has let me bring snacks to their sessions the past few weeks. We are so excited!


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