Raleigh Baby Child Lifestyle Photographer – 5, 4, 3, 2, 1….

Owen’s favorite song this year has definitely been “Rocketship Run” by Laurie Berkner. Ever since he heard it at the library, he is constantly counting and blasting off all over the house, park, grocery store, etc. I totally forgot that I had gotten this costume a few years ago on clearance after Halloween. Owen found it by looking through different closets in the house. (which is often hilarious because he finds things I forget we have. A week or two ago, he found a big bag of brand new play doh so he, of course, was ecstatic.) So we had to find an astronaut costume for Harrison, right? (Because, you know, this is probably the ONLY year this is going to happen) The smallest astronaut costume I could find was 24 months and it totally fits him right? Maybe a little big in the arms but it was difficult even getting him in it. (He’s 10 months. My little 6lbs, 15 oz 5 week early baby is a big boy rocking his 24 months costume)

We will be out trick or treating tonight. Looks like the weather is still at 0% chance of precipitation (yay!) unlike the forecast for tomorrow, which is not looking good. Stay safe and have a great time tonight, Oh and Happy Halloween!


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