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Senior Portraits – wow, so much fun, right? I photographed this sweet Senior’s sister when she was a Senior and was so super excited when they contacted me to photograph her Senior Portraits, too. Since she loves everything vintage, coffee, and crafting, I really did some research to find some backgrounds that fit her personality. I was so super excited with our first location downtown The Stockroom at 230 – it was such a crazy day downtown, too. I think I drove in the biggest circle ever to avoid some kind of motorcycle event that blocked off several streets including the exact location we were meeting. It turns out we parked right next to each other, too.

I love that the location downtown just fit her personality so perfectly and that we were able to incorporate some props into her session – a globe and vintage chair. Our next part of the session was at Suzanna’s Antiques which, of course, is one of my favorite Raleigh places ever. It is super close to me, too, so we stop by there a lot. My husband cannot park in the garage because half of it is everything I have gotten from Suzanna’s.(They also have some super fun pumpkins – green ones, white ones, so if you haven’t gotten your pumpkin, stop by) I was super excited for the second part of her session because Suzanna’s has endless backgrounds, and we were able to get some really creative images that went right along with her personality. Planning this Senior session was just so much fun!

raleigh-senior-portraits-photographer-224-photoP I N this to pinterestraleigh-senior-portraits-photographer-421-photoP I N this to pinterestraleigh-senior-portraits-photographer-234-photoP I N this to pinterestraleigh-senior-portraits-photographer-444-photoP I N this to pinterestraleigh-senior-portraits-photographer-478-photoP I N this to pinterestraleigh-senior-portraits-photographer-434-photoP I N this to pinterestraleigh-senior-portraits-photographer-24-photoP I N this to pinterestraleigh-senior-portraits-photographer-3254-photoP I N this to pinterestraleigh-senior-portraits-photographer-324-photoP I N this to pinterestraleigh-senior-portraits-photographer-1114-photoP I N this to pinterestraleigh-senior-portraits-photographer-214-photoP I N this to pinterestraleigh-senior-portraits-photographer-2364-photoP I N this to pinterestraleigh-senior-portraits-photographer-44444-photoP I N this to pinterestraleigh-senior-portraits-photographer-434-photoP I N this to pinterestraleigh-senior-portraits-photographer-864-photoP I N this to pinterestraleigh-senior-portraits-photographer-664-photoP I N this to pinterestraleigh-senior-portraits-photographer-544-photoP I N this to pinterestraleigh-senior-portraits-photographer-994-photoP I N this to pinterest

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So I really just love this session..such a sweet Mother Daughters session and aren’t they all just stunning?  The floral crowns they made were just absolutely gorgeous, and this mama picked out so many pretty clothes for them to wear for the session. We had gorgeous weather (Oh, how I LOVE pretty sunsets) and it was just a perfect evening of laughter and trying to keep the floral crowns from falling. (They fall off pretty easily) And can’t you just see how this mama just glows with love for her little ones? So many sweet images with all three of her girls. And don’t laugh – I tried to look up a good mother daughter quote on pinterest for this post but I just ended up sobbing and wanting to call my own mama. So many favorites from this session (Don’t you just love the one of the oldest sister kissing her baby sister – eek! She was also my super big helper the day of this session –  see image here. I could not have done it without her help!)


raleigh-mother-daughter-photography-5-photoP I N this to pinterestraleigh-mother-daughter-photography-5-photo3P I N this to pinterestsouthern-pines-family-photographer_1067P I N this to pinterestsouthern-pines-family-photographer_1068P I N this to pinterestsouthern-pines-family-photographer_1069P I N this to pinterestsouthern-pines-family-photographer_1070P I N this to pinterestsouthern-pines-family-photographer_1071P I N this to pinterestsouthern-pines-family-photographer_1072P I N this to pinterestsouthern-pines-family-photographer_1073P I N this to pinterestsouthern-pines-family-photographer_1074P I N this to pinterestsouthern-pines-family-photographer_1075P I N this to pinterestsouthern-pines-family-photographer_1076P I N this to pinterestsouthern-pines-family-photographer_1077P I N this to pinterestraleigh-mother-daughter-photography-5-photo-4P I N this to pinterestraleigh-mother-daughter-photography-25-photoP I N this to pinterestraleigh-mother-daughter-photography-15-photoP I N this to pinterestraleigh-senior-photographyP I N this to pinterestraleigh-family-photographyP I N this to pinterestsouthern-pines-family-photographer_1083P I N this to pinterest

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Just wanted to update the blog with updates for the busy fall just around the corner! Because of so many family sessions scheduled in the fall, I only have a few newborn openings left, so if you have been thinking about booking a newborn session, contact me for more information! (I know December seems super far away, but I only have one newborn spot left for December,too.)

Today is the LAST day to book a session (I must receive your session fee before midnight EST) to be included in a special client in the fall! It’s going to be so super fun, and if you have already booked a 2014 session, I’ll be sending out e-mails in the next week or two with more information and how to make sure you get a spot in the event.

In September, I’ll release the dates for the Free Holiday Mini Sessions. (Free when booking a 2015 session) The sessions are 10 minutes and include one free image per child. Click here to see some of the images from last year. These were sooo much fun! If you’ve already booked a 2015 session, I’ll be sending you info first!

Oh, and make sure you are following me on instagram…just sayin’. (two contests coming up this fall…and one reallllly soon!)

And last, in December, I have a few spots available for sessions at home Christmas tree/Christmas pajamas sessions (fun!I will only be taking a limited number of these, and I’m starting to book them now, so if you are interested – send me an e-mail quick!

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So if you’re not following me on facebook or keeping up with the blog, you will want to check back soon for some exciting news for 2014 clients. I will most likely announce on facebook or instagram first (you can follow me here or here) when everything is finalized. I have been trying to think of fun new ways to say thank you this year..Starting with the Free Holiday Mini Session giveaway on instagram, the 2013 Image of the Year (two 2013 clients won a free session + digital files in 2014!) and now something super fun + exciting in April.

I will be starting back full time in a few weeks and I am currently booking through the end of September. I have a list of those who have booked fall sessions who I will contact as soon as I open up October – December. (and keep checking my facebook page for updates!) And if you were thinking of booking a Coastal Session, there are only a few spots left! Don’t wait!

Really excited about this year – thanks so much everyone!! Oh, and stay tuned for more info….

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Round one of the Rebecca Keller Photography 2013 Image of the Year.

There are 26 entries and you can view all of them in this gallery. (Votes only count on the blog – likes and comments on facebook are awesome but do not count towards voting.)

Voting for Round 1 will end on Tuesday, January 28th at Midnight and there will be 6 finalists – five chosen by popular vote and one chosen by a panel of professional photographers.  Each finalist will receive a $50.00 credit towards a 2014 session. (Credit will expire 12/31/2014 and you must book according to the photographer’s schedule.)

On Wednesday, January 29th Round 2 voting will start and there will be two winners of the 2013 Image of the Year.

Both of the two final winners will receive a FREE family session in 2014 + digital files (some restrictions apply)
Voting only counts on the blog (not on facebook) and you can only vote one time each day. Those caught violating the rules will be removed from the contest. The photographer can change the rules/prizes at any time and there is no purchase necessary to enter the contest.