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Image of my boys by Bethney Beckhaus Photography | Taken in Disney World 

February was a super busy month for us, and I’m a little sad that it’s already over. I saw some Daffodils have already started blooming in the neighborhood this week, so yay! Super excited about Spring and all of the minis we have coming up – Mommy and Me, family minis, Coastal Minis…(contact us if you want more info ASAP, we only have a few spots left!)

Goals for March

1. March is going to be a super busy shooting and editing month, but I’d love to squeeze in some time for editing our personal Disney photos.

2.I need to start exercising again so March seems like a great time to do it!

3.Finish any last minute plans for our trip to New York. Michael surprised me with Hamilton tickets for Christmas, and so I’m praying it’s not freezing cold!

4.Continue to catch up on blogging

5.Spend as much time as possible outside with the boys when we have those rare beautiful North Carolina days.

6.Start planning what we are going to do for Spring Break.

7.Write a blog post with all my favorite Disney tips/tricks.

8.Figure out Easter outfits for the boys.


February Goals

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Really looking forward to February. So many sweet things planned this month like our Soda Shoppe Valentine Minis that we are super excited about! It’s also my mom’s birthday which is super fun to celebrate. Hearts everywhere, I love February.

Ok, there are so many books I want to read right now including

Rereading One Thousand Gifts. If you haven’t noticed, I’m reading a lot of Ann Voskamp right now.I’d also love to get a Write the Word Gratitude journal, and some journals for the boys so that we can write out what we are thankful for. I’d really like to take some more time to be outside with the boys (when possible with the weather) just walking and talking about what we are thankful for.

Take a watercolor class. This has been something I’ve wanted to do for a while, and with my mom’s birthday coming up, it’s perfect timing, and we are so excited.

Give more compliments. How many times do you think something and not say it? I really want to be better about this.

Plan 1-2 little adventures with the boys

Encourage more.

Write a few letters and mail them instead of just emailing all the time.

Go see The Greatest Showman before it’s out of the theaters

Attend as much of IF Gathering that I can

I started a slimmer grocery budget in January and I really want to stick to it in February too. Continue the plan and continue eating out only once a week.

Read aloud to Owen more. Harrison and I read out loud picture books, which is so much easier, right? Owen and I have been reading out loud from In The Belly Of The Earth and what a sweet time it has been. I can’t wait to find out if he’s going to be rescued. If you’re looking for some great read alouds, try this website.

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January Goals

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I get really excited about January because it’s a lot calmer and I can catch up on some hobbies and do other fun things. With the cold though, you better believe all those fun things will be inside, ha!

      • Get the boys hair cuts before our Disney trip
      • Pick up snacks for the road + pack for Disney
      • Read and journal in my new GraceLacedbook (So excited about this book. I’m also reading this bookand loving it so much!)
      • Finalize Valentine’s Minis with Ericka (meeting this morning!)
      • Bake cookies 1-2 times this month and keep practicing with icing consistency. (It’s kind of hilarious. I spent two hours making royal icing the first time.) I am not interested in making the boys elaborate birthday party cookies but just some fun stuff we can make at home. I just got these cookie cutters and I LOVE them. You can color the dough, (get this from Sweet Sugar Belle at Michael’s. And always take a 40% off coupon)  stamp the design, and the stamp openings are big enough for flood icing. Possibly the best possible way to make cookies for a newbie.
      • Start Supporting Heart’s Cry  monthly. I first met Misty at Owen’s school and heard their story. It’s absolutely incredible.
      • Catch up on all fall blogging as much as possible
      • Try out Jonas Paul eyewear for Owen
      • Plan out all Spring Mini dates (meeting with Ericka today!)
      • Plan a girls night to AR Workshop to make artwork with our wedding vows
      • Get more information on volunteering at the Ronald McDonald House in Chapel Hill
      • Books I want to read this month (because I can actually read in January, yay!)
      •                   Before We Were Yours, and,L’Appart: The Delights and Disasters of Making My Paris Home
      • I also want to read this one with the kiddos –I’m Just No Good at Rhyming: And Other Nonsense for Mischievous Kids and Immature Grown-Ups
    • What are you reading this month? I’m always looking for great ideas!!! And Happy January!
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      Rebecca Keller is a Newborn and Maternity Photographer in Raleigh, North Carolina. Because we chat alot about our personal lives on the blog, we may receive commissions from affiliate links in articles.

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Farmer Ganyard at Upchurch Farms Photos

November Goals 

1.Start at least one of the projects I keep putting off. At least start an outline for everything I want to do.Get some fresh air from editing. #busiestmonthoftheyear

2.Watch the Polar Express a few times so Harrison is super excited when we go to Spencer. We have been to Bryson City a few times, but this year I just didn’t want to go that far, so Spencer it is!


3.I want to participate in the December Daily so I need to get myself organized in November so I am ready!

4.Buy some boots. I must have decluttered most of my shoes. And my toes are cold so I bought some flats in Target but of course, they just make my feet hurt. I don’t have time to shop right now but I need to make it a priority to save myself from blisters and/or having to wear sandals in the freezing cold.farmer ganyard upchurch farms photo 34_5249P I N this to pinterest


5.Make pumpkin muffins + homemade chocolate chip cookies. Make biscuits for the boys to go with their daily pancakes once a week. (Ya’ll, I have been reading The Lifegiving Tableand it’s totally changed our meal time routine + I am now trying all kinds of new recipes and cooking so much more. I love, it though, and the boys do,too!) Send me your favorite recipes + cookbook recommendations! It is getting darker earlier, too, which means less time in the park + more time for cooking. The long evenings at the park are crock pot + instant pot days. Oh, and I want to cook pies this month. I can’t even eat this stuff! What’s gotten into me?

6.Finish clearing out the decluttering that has been happening in Owen’s old room. (His room before he decided to share a room with Harrison)

7.Edit, edit, and more editing. Stay on top of all the editing but also get some fresh air when I need it! #busiestmonthoftheyear

8.Help with Owen’s play practice at school.

9.Blog recent sessions. I have so many I need to get out here into the blog world! Hello fall!

10. Finalize a date to go to the Candle Tea in Old Salem in December.

See more pumpkin patch photos here | See more goals posts here | Not a sponsored post but I always share affiliate links from items I love. farmer ganyard upchurch farms photo 34_5248P I N this to pinterest

As Seen in People Magazine + The Bump

Raleigh Maternity + Newborn Photographer


Rebecca Keller is a Raleigh Newborn Photographer featured in the Bump, Let The Kids Dress Themselves and several other blogs.

October Goals

Raleigh Fall Baby Photography

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“I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.” ― L.M. Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables

I always love this quote, and I looove October. And today really does feel like October. (maybe, finally, it will be fall?) Our falls are so confusing in North Carolina – 90s one day, 50s the next, but I’ll take every single ounce of fall I can get. Things I’m excited about for fall – leaf piles (we have a huge favorite one we visit every year) apple picking (well, we already did this, because close to Raleigh, you have to pick early) pumpkin everything, cool enough days to walk, Hill Ridge Farms, the list goes on and on!

Goals for October

1.If you follow me on facebook, you may have heard about the great Keller decluttering of 2017. It has been a lot of work, and oh so time consuming, but I really love my downstairs so much more. We are still working on the upstairs, because it takes so much time, and can be exhausting sometimes! I do not have this super organized brain so it really drains me sometimes. For this month, I really want to finish Owen’s room’s closet + our bonus room closet. And also the random piles of stuff around the house to either take to goodwill/sell/etc. I have had great success with porch pick up on facebook + it was the greatest invention ever.

2.I love the idea of this challenge for fall. I may turn on my diffuser instead of a candle, though:)I can have a hard time resting sometimes, but it’s so needed.

3.Go see a few more houses on the Parade of Homes. I love going to see the Parade of Homes, and Michael and I got to spend a little over an hour at a few houses this weekend (but I want to go see more homes! There’s a few more weekends) This house was pretty amazing to see – loved the boat lift in the closet.

4.Take the kids to Hill Ridge Farms. Oh my, do they love this place!

5.Plan last minute details for our trip to Williamsburg. (If you have any tips for Williamsburg, please let me know!) I have been reading alot about Williamsburg, but still don’t feel like I am super prepared. Owen absolutely LOVES history, so I know he will love it. Harrison pretty much loves just being with is brother and so I know he’ll have a great time.

6.Carve pumpkins

7.Make apple cider from Tin Roof Teas. 


As Seen in People Magazine + The Bump

Raleigh Maternity + Newborn Photographer


Rebecca Keller is a Raleigh Newborn Photographer featured in the Bump, Let The Kids Dress Themselves and several other blogs.