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It’s hard to believe they have both gotten so big. (Look how cute they were last year at the beach) It has been such a joy watching these two grow so much everyday. I love the 18 months milestone, although he is still so shy, such a Mama’s boy, it is hard to get him to stay somewhere for a photo, he loves colors, his bear, his blanket, his brother. Oh, and he says, “Cars,” and “Trucks,” about 300 times a day. He can often be found peeking through blinds to get a glimpse of some form of transportation. It’s so cute to see how different he and Owen are. He loves reading Duck and Goose books and of course, his cars pajamas are his favorite. He giggles hysterically whenever he sees a picture of him and Owen and we usually have to take a picture frame from his hands once a day. He can be found screaming, “O—-wen, O—–wen,” several times a day as he just loves him so much. These were taken around July 4th week at the beach..this summer is flying by and Owen will be headed to kindergarten soon!

holden-beach-family-photographer_3169P I N this to pinterestI love this face. This is so him. I’m sure I told him a math problem that wasn’t right…and he was like, “Mommy. Nooooooo…”
holden-beach-family-photographer_3170P I N this to pinterestAnd no matter what, Harrison was NOT going to sit on this bench with his brother. “No, no, no!” he told me. But he did stand next to it looking super adorable. That face is so him – melts my heart.holden-beach-family-photographer_3171P I N this to pinterestHe has loved playing in the sand since he was a baby.holden-beach-family-photographer_3172P I N this to pinterestholden-beach-family-photographer_3173P I N this to pinterestholden-beach-family-photographer_3174P I N this to pinterestholden-beach-family-photographer_3175P I N this to pinterestholden-beach-family-photographer_3176P I N this to pinterest

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I love photographing sessions at the coast – capturing the joy the little one’s have for the water. These two just LOVED it, especially the littlest, if she wasn’t splashing in the water, she was pointing to it, like, let’s go! I love that you can see the joy all over her face in all of the images. We could not have asked for more perfect weather, and the light was just so stunning! (eeeeek!!! love all the light filled images from this session) Looking forward to another Coastal Session in a few weeks – they are so much fun!

According to Mom…

Why did you choose this location for your session? We were heading to the beach for a family vacation and lucked out that Becky was going to be there at the same time!

What’s your favorite family activity? Swimming
Going to the playground
Visiting daddy at the fire station

Who are the members of your family and tell me a quick fact about each one. Ayden – all boy – loves trucks, cars, climbing, and playing in the dirt
Avery – spunky and independent

What was your favorite part of our session? we had fun chasing the kids on the beach and trying to keep the kids from going all the way in the water!

Tell me about the outfits you wore to the session – Ayden – carter’s
Avery – baby Gap And Gymboree

What are some words of wisdom you have for other families preparing for a family session? Just go with the flow!

Were you worried about any parts of the session beforehand? Crazy wind blown hair

Holden Beach Family Photography | Rebecca Keller Photography

holden-beach-family-photography_2774P I N this to pinterestholden-beach-family-photography_2775P I N this to pinterestholden-beach-family-photography_2776P I N this to pinterestholden-beach-family-photography_2777P I N this to pinterestholden-beach-family-photography_2778P I N this to pinterestholden-beach-family-photography_2779P I N this to pinterestholden-beach-family-photography_2781P I N this to pinterestholden-beach-family-photography_2782P I N this to pinterestholden-beach-family-photography_2783P I N this to pinterestholden-beach-family-photography_2784P I N this to pinterestholden-beach-family-photography_2785P I N this to pinterestholden-beach-family-photography_2786P I N this to pinterestholden-beach-family-photography_2787P I N this to pinterestholden-beach-family-photography_2788P I N this to pinterestholden-beach-family-photography_2789P I N this to pinterestholden-beach-family-photography_2790P I N this to pinterestholden-beach-family-photography_2791P I N this to pinterestraleigh-family-photographerP I N this to pinterestholden-beach-family-photography_2793P I N this to pinterestholden-beach-family-photography_2794P I N this to pinterestholden-beach-family-photography_2795P I N this to pinterestholden-beach-family-photography_2796P I N this to pinterestholden-beach-family-photography_2797P I N this to pinterestholden-beach-family-photography_2798P I N this to pinterestholden-beach-family-photography_2799P I N this to pinterestholden-beach-family-photography_2800P I N this to pinterestRebecca Keller is a Raleigh Family Photographer featured in People Magazine, Denim + Grace Magazine and on several blogs include Let the Kids Dress Themselves and Lemonade and Lenses. Contact Rebecca Keller Photography for more information about Holden Beach Family Photography.

What a fun session this was Memorial Day Weekend with this sweet family! The boys have grown so much! (See their last family session here and they also came to the Free Holiday Minis) We had absolutely gorgeous weather the evening of their session, and the boys had so much fun (See an outtake here) running on the beach and splashing around in the ocean. They sprinted through the water as soon as they heard they could swim at the very end of the session! They are just so sweet together – from the moment you meet this family, you can just tell how much they love each other and how much fun they have! I just LOVE Coastal Sessions, and I only offer a limited number each year. Contact me if you’d like more information about a Coastal Session in 2016.

According to Mom…

Why did you choose your session location? We love the Beach! We moved from Florida three years ago and we miss having the beach in our back yard. We had family photos taken in clearwater when the boys were just two and now that they are eight I thought it was time to have another beach session.

What’s your favorite family activity? Traveling. We love to go on vacation and taking new adventures together.

Who are the members of your family and tell me a quick fact about each one! Jackson and Nicky are very fraternal twins! Nicky is the adventurous one, Jackson is tender hearted. Jason, my husband, is a great husband who lets me have these wonderful pictures done! My Brother Tarik is fun. He came to spend the weekend at the beach with us, the boys adore their Uncle!

Tell us about your favorite parts of the session! My favorite part of the session was that it was fun! My boys love to swim and at the end of the session when they decided to get in the ocean with all their dress clothes on, well that just sums up their personalities all the way. My boys love running around, being loud and just being boys! The beach was the perfect location for that. Becky is great with kids and makes everyone feel very comfortable and natural.

Tell me about the outfits you chose for the session. I chose my dress first. Because I’m the only female in the family, I thought I had that right. Then I choose everyone’s outfit to coordinate with mine.

What props did you bring? We brought our Kites and forgot them in the car!

What are some words of wisdom you have for other families preparing for a session? Don’t get your haircut to close to the session. I don’t have curly hair, but had to curl my hair for this session because I wasn’t crazy about my cut. If you are having your pictures done at the beach, it is ok to have some color in your wardrobe. Looking back, I would have added more color to my kids outfits, especially if you have fair hair children because most things at the beach are light in color. Also, be prepared for some wind!

Holden Beach Family Photographer | Rebecca Keller Photography

holden-beach-family-photographer_2749P I N this to pinterestholden-beach-family-photographynorth-carolina-beach-photographyP I N this to pinterestraleigh-family-photographerP I N this to pinterestholden-beach-family-photographer_2753holden-beach-family-photographer_2754P I N this to pinterestholden-beach-family-photographer_2755P I N this to pinterestholden-beach-family-photographer_2756P I N this to pinterestholden-beach-family-photographer_2757P I N this to pinterestholden-beach-family-photographer_2758P I N this to pinterestholden-beach-family-photographer_2759P I N this to pinterestholden-beach-family-photographer_2760P I N this to pinterestholden-beach-family-photographer_2764P I N this to pinterestholden-beach-family-photographer_2763P I N this to pinterest

Rebecca Keller is a Holden Beach Family Photographer featured in People Magazine, Denim + Grace Magazine and on several blogs include Let the Kids Dress Themselves and Lemonade and Lenses. Contact Rebecca Keller Photography for more information about Chapel Hill Family Photography.

It didn’t feel like summer should be over the day of this session – it was definitely hot. I have to admit I was super sad knowing it was my last Coastal Session and our last weekend at the beach that we would be able to swim until next year. Owen discovered his love of boogie boarding this year in August and was actually jumping in the pool by himself so I was sad to see these huge accomplishments swept to the side until next year. He was never this huge climber/daredevil child. When some kids are jumping in the pool at two, Owen was perfectly content to walk around with his little boat and play. So, that being said, I was a little heartbroken labor day weekend. This was a farewell to summer weekend that I just wasn’t ready for.

Oh, and not to mention, that when we arrived at the beach that weekend, there was a crowd around the turtle nests that had been roped off all summer. Eighty-four (I think I remember that right) little baby turtles had hatched that Friday, and they let me know on Sunday they would dig up the nest to see if there were anymore. Right before this sweet family arrived for their session, I saw the turtle patrol drive up and camp out on the beach. Soon, there was a crowd, and I was informed that we would have to be off the beach and behind the dunes when they dug up the little turtles. So, there was a little added stress not knowing how long it would take baby turtles to walk down the long beach to the ocean and when we would be released again to take photos. After all of that, when they dug up the nest, all of the turtles had already hatched and so we didn’t have to stop the session at all. (although we were a little sad we didn’t get to see baby turtles) So, if you’ve had a session with me, you know I am super quick and move a lot – just think about how much this put me into traveling at the speed of light hyperdrive. Due to the anticipation of a turtle break, we got soo many photos, and it was so great to meet this sweet family. They also brought some super fun props like a kite and cute hat! This mama and daughter were also one of the winners of the Free Mommy & Me Mini Session, too, so you’ll see them on the blog again soon!

And lastly, speaking of Coastal Sessions, with the Free Holiday Mini Sessions (see more information here) I’ve already started booking Coastal Sessions for next year, so if you are thinking of booking one, contact me ASAP. I am only reserving one spot per holiday. (Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day) This summer we had to reschedule for Hurricane Arthur so I want to make sure we have plenty of reschedule options with both of our schedules if there was bad weather.

holden-beach-nc-family-photography_1155P I N this to pinterestholden-beach-nc-family-photography_1175P I N this to pinterestholden-beach-nc-family-photography_1156P I N this to pinterestholden-beach-nc-family-photography_1157P I N this to pinterestholden-beach-nc-family-photography_1158P I N this to pinterestholden-beach-nc-family-photography_1159P I N this to pinterestholden-beach-nc-family-photography_1160P I N this to pinterestholden-beach-nc-family-photography_1161P I N this to pinterestholden-beach-nc-family-photography_1162P I N this to pinterestholden-beach-nc-family-photography_1163P I N this to pinterestholden-beach-nc-family-photography_1177P I N this to pinterestholden-beach-nc-family-photography_1164P I N this to pinterestholden-beach-nc-family-photography_1176P I N this to pinterestholden-beach-nc-family-photography_1165P I N this to pinterestholden-beach-nc-family-photography_1166P I N this to pinterestholden-beach-nc-family-photography_1167P I N this to pinterestholden-beach-nc-family-photography_1172P I N this to pinterestholden-beach-nc-family-photography_1178P I N this to pinterestholden-beach-nc-family-photography_1173P I N this to pinterestholden-beach-nc-family-photography_1174P I N this to pinterestholden-beach-nc-family-photography_1169P I N this to pinterestholden-beach-nc-family-photography_1179P I N this to pinterestholden-beach-nc-family-photography_1170P I N this to pinterestholden-beach-nc-family-photography_1171P I N this to pinterest

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We had the prettiest weather the evening we headed out to the beach for this session. The nice thing about the beach is that when it’s super hot out, there’s at least a little bit of wind on the beach. There were just so many fun, happy images from this session that it was hard for me to pick which ones to use in the blog post. The three little ones just had so much fun running around the beach and splashing the waves – you can just see the joy on their faces. I love, love, love sessions on the beach because not only am I photographing your family, but the session is a memory for the little ones, too..and they have portraits to remember it by. Coastal sessions really are one of my favorites, and I was really sad that the last Coastal session for this year was last weekend. Bye, bye summer – so, so sad.

Coastal Sessions are at Holden Beach – which I just love so, so much. Just have to list a few of my favorite places in case you are in town. (And if you have any more to recommend, please let me know!)

Yacht Basin Provision Co. (Love watching the boats while we eat, and I love their crabcakes and corn on the cob)

Ludlum’s – We always have to stop and get a key lime pie – sooo delicious

Ocean Boulevard Coffee – um, yes, LOVE.

Beaches-n-Cream – homemade ice cream that is amazing! Michael got the Maple Bacon Pancake as we were leaving this weekend – so delicious!

Keep an eye on the blog – dates for the Free Holiday Mini Sessions will be released next week. (10 minutes, one image per child) These are free when booking a 2015 session so if you are thinking of booking a Coastal Session next year, I will only be taking one per holiday week again. It just makes rescheduling if there is bad weather (like a Hurricane this year) so much easier working with both of our schedules. (Those of you who have already booked a 2015 session – I’ll be sending you the dates/times first as soon as they are finalized)



holden-beach-family-baby-photographer_0993P I N this to pinterestholden-beach-family-baby-photographer_0994P I N this to pinterestholden-beach-family-baby-photographer_0995P I N this to pinterestholden-beach-family-baby-photographer_0996P I N this to pinterestholden-beach-family-baby-photographer_0997P I N this to pinterestholden-beach-family-baby-photographer_0998P I N this to pinterestholden-beach-family-baby-photographer_0999P I N this to pinterestholden-beach-family-baby-photographer_1000P I N this to pinterestholden-beach-family-baby-photographer_1001P I N this to pinterestholden-beach-family-baby-photographer_1002P I N this to pinterestholden-beach-family-baby-photographer_1003P I N this to pinterestholden-beach-family-baby-photographer_1004P I N this to pinterestholden-beach-family-baby-photographer_1005P I N this to pinterestholden-beach-family-baby-photographer_1006P I N this to pinterestholden-beach-family-baby-photographer_1007P I N this to pinterestholden-beach-family-baby-photographer_1008P I N this to pinterestholden-beach-family-baby-photographer_1009P I N this to pinterestholden-beach-family-baby-photographer_1010P I N this to pinterestholden-beach-family-baby-photographer_1011P I N this to pinterestholden-beach-family-baby-photographer_1012P I N this to pinterestholden-beach-family-baby-photographer_1013P I N this to pinterest

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