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The first Coastal Session of the summer was this weekend, and we had gorgeous, perfect weather! Such a pretty sky, too! This sweet family even brought their puppy and we captured some sweet images of them together at the beach. Oh, and I have never seen two little ones love the ocean just so much. They splashed in the water and had such a good time and were completely soaked by the end. Coastal sessions are all booked up for this year – looking forward to July 4th and Labor Day Weekend, too! (And I’m also available for travel sessions, too. Contact me for more information.)

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Rebecca Keller is a Holden Beach Family Child Photographer in North Carolina. Contact Rebecca Keller Photography for more information about Holden Beach Family Photography.

So excited to announce the dates for the 2014 Coastal Sessions at Holden Beach! I love the beautiful images and special memories that you can capture at the coast. It’s also fun for little ones to splash in the ocean and play in the sand.  When booking a session in full sun on the beach, the best time of day is going to be either sunrise or sunset. (See an example of a sunrise session here – this was a travel session (yes I offer travel sessions – contact me for pricing) so not at Holden Beach where the Coastal Sessions will be and a sunset session here at Holden Beach. Both of these sessions were just soooo much fun! We laughed and laughed – what great memories for the whole family.) I only photograph in the best light of day and if I had to pick a favorite it would be sunset. Although getting up super early and heading to the beach can be fun, too! These will go very quickly so if you are interested – contact me as soon as possible!

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Rebecca Keller is a North Carolina Lifestyle Beach Photographer. Coastal Sessions are at Holden Beach, North Carolina.

This was one of those perfect mornings on Atlantic Beach – the sun rose slowly (and oh so beautifully) We just had such glorious light, and these little ones were extremely happy just to run around and giggle and laugh with their family. I really don’t think this session could have gone any better especially since they got up so so early for this session. Love that we were also able to capture some fun portraits with the pier.  I hope this is a special memory for these little ones – all the laughter, the trip there and back, and the special treats they got on the way home. I love, love, love, sessions at the beach, even though lighting and picking a time can be tricky sometimes. It wasn’t even that windy that morning which was incredible. Looking forward to more Coastal Sessions next year! I’ll be announcing 2014 Coastal Sessions in January – so stay tuned.

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Contact Rebecca Keller Photography for more information about North Carolina Family Beach Portraits on the North Carolina Coast.

So I may have added a little bit more than 10 for this month’s 10 on 10 Blog Circle. This is Mr. Man’s first year in preschool – last year he went to Mother’s Morning Out one day a week, but this is his first official year enrolled in preschool. Oh, he was so excited, especially since one of his best buddies is in his class. The first few are from the day they met their teachers, and they absolutely LOVED their classroom. I think they got every single toy out, played dress up with all the costumes, and colored their hearts out. Um, Owen in the superman costume was my favorite..I can’t believe I didn’t snap a better photo but you can kinda see the costume in one of the images.  His first few days at school have been really fun, and I can’t wait to hear about all he’s learning this year!

We also took a short Labor Day trip to the beach with friends. Since Henry and Mudge and the Forever Sea is one of Owen’s favorite books, he had to make a big sandcastle with his daddy just like Henry. (way too cute) It was so sad to say goodbye to summer. It’s so quiet after Labor Day and everything closes. I had to find out if my new favorite coffee spot was going to be open weekends during the winter. Even though this year there might not be as many beach trips with a new little one arriving. It’s going to be a busy fall and then a busy winter with a newborn.  I will be starting with first year sessions again mid-March and booking sessions full time in April.

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So we had a perfect sunset Memorial Day weekend for some family photos. I love getting my camera out at the beach – the water and light is just so pretty. Their clothes were so bright and colorful which really stood out on the beach…and there were so many giggles! Love so many of these so yes, I am sharing like a million in this post. I’m also offering Coastal Sessions in July & September. See more information here and also Contact me – I have 1 spot available for each date.

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Rebecca Keller Photography has a limited number of Coastal Family sessions in summer 2013. Contact Rebecca Keller Photography for more information about North Carolina Beach Photography.