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So if you’ve been following me on instagram, I may have mentioned once or twice that I’ve been trying Whole30. You can read a lot about the program, but I kind of eased into it at the end of March so I didn’t follow it exactly at first because I wasn’t really informed enough. So first, I’d really recommend reading It Starts With Food. I don’t think I would be as committed to the program if I had not read the book. It is really great to read the science that happens every time you eat. It really made me rethink everything I was eating and how I was eating, too. For me this wasn’t a diet, but for my health. I have ended up losing thirteen pounds so that’s always a plus…but I do think it’s really really important to read that book first.

And then I would definitely read The Whole30: The 30-Day Guide to Total Health and Food Freedom. It has a lot of practical ways to put into practice the program and also some great recipes. There are also so many great resources on Pinterest. Whole30 is similar to Paleo, so I could say I’m Paleo now and not Whole30 because I’ve been doing it so long, but I’m just a whole30 lifer ha. (I did have one cheat food last week so I may start trying to have a cheat meal here and there soon. It’s been so long since I cheated.) I am doing it a little bit differently because my doctor didn’t want me to eliminate beans. so I am eating organic hummus and beans which is just a little bit different, so you know, always check with your doctor.

The biggest difference for me since starting Whole30 is how I feel. My stress level has gone way down, I’m not addicted to sugar, and I just feel great. It’s kind of shocking to me how sugar is in just everything. If you are feeling stressed, I would highly recommend trying it. (It’s kind of amazing how it cut down my stress level.)

There are some great things I’ve found at stores and reading other people’s ideas. If you are starting Whole30, I just found out you can sign up for e-mails everyday. I didn’t do this, but I wish I had this in the beginning when starting out. I do get their free emails that come occasionally with a lot of great advice, but the everyday ones sound like they would have been a lot of help.

Costco is great for whole30. Organic beef, wild salmon, organic fruit (which we eat a lot of fruit so perfect) the smoked pull pork (so yum and quick) Aidells chicken apple sausage (oh this is so yummy!) eggs (since we eat so many of them, better to buy at costco) and coconut water. I’m sure there’s a bunch more but I can’t think about it right now. Some people have also recommended the cans of wild salmon and the frozen wild mahi mahi.

Trader Joes – so far I’ve gotten the frozen cauliflower rice and their coconut oil spray. Also great for cut up veggies or grass fed burgers.

Whole Foods – so sometimes (a lot) I just skip the spiralizer and get the zoodles refrigerated in the produce section. (Just ask if you can’t find them) I’m also kind of addicted to their guacamole.

Harris Teeter – carries Whole30 approved bacon (no sugar. I didn’t even know almost all bacon had sugar.) Harris Teeter also has aidells chicken and apple sausage and organic produce + grass fed beef of course.

My favorite bars  to eat – SO YUMMY.

You can also find whole30 items at Aldi – see a list here.

I also just ordered this salad dressingand they also have this mayonaise so I’ll let you know what I think but you can also make your own pretty cheaply with one of the recipes from the book. There are also recipes in the book for sauces with no added sugar. (Sugar is in everything. ugh. Why does sugar need to be in pasta sauce?)

Two of my favorite meals have been Eggs with Aidells chicken and apple sausage + avacado, side of fresh fruit, and Organic Spinach Meatballs with Zoodles and tomato sauce (You have to make sure you find one with no sugar. Easy meatballs recipe here.) Some Lara bars are also approved, and I usually take almonds or Epic Beef Jerky when I’m on the go. On Owen’s field trip, I just brought the beef jerky, some carrots and a banana to tie me over. It’s really not that fun to try to eat lunch on a field trip anyway so I had a better lunch when I got home. There are also some Whole30 approved Lara bars – (see the ones compliant here)

Are the kids doing whole30? Well, mostly. I eased them into it even more because it took me a while to figure out what I was going to eat. So now since we eat together three times a day, and Owen is home, they are mostly eating all whole30 real food and loving it. (Owen’s birthday is coming up so of course, he’ll have some pizza and cake!) Also, Applegate organic hot dogs have whole30 approved ingredients and you can get them on Amazon Prime Nowwhen you forgot to get something for dinner.

If you want to try any of the whole30 approved snacks, Barefoot Provisions has made some pretty cool kits here.

My mom is also doing it with me which has been great. We didn’t really have a difficult time eating out at the beach last week, so you can definitely eat out and do the best you can.

A few other cookbooks I want to check out:

Nom Nom Paleo – Cauliflower fried rice?!?!? Yum!

Well Fed

Paleo Takeou

I just wanted to share a little bit since so many friends have had questions and have been so supportive. I have really loved whole30. If you’re eating the same way, please share some of your favorite meals!

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