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What I Learned in June

Raleigh Baby Lamb Photographer

First of all, saying goodbye to June makes me want to cry a little bit, because I love, love, love summer. Ever since Owen started school, I love having the freedom to just get up and go + not have to plan our lives around carpool (my least favorite thing) or spring breaks, etc…. love that the weather is nice enough to go to the beach or be outside. (you know, when it’s not a million degrees) All this being said, I looooove summer.

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    1. For all my pregnant friends, they have dill pickle almonds at Whole Foods. I was like, what, really?
    2. I have thought long and hard about the pros and cons of reading an actual book vs using a Kindle, trying to decide if I like one or the other better, but honestly, there are just pros and cons to both. The Kindle – first and foremost I love, because if I’m not prepared and I actually have a minute to read, I can just download a book, and bam, read. It’s also super small and fits in my purse so if I’m at dr’s appointments waiting, etc, I can just take it out and read. Which I usually wait at the chiropractor, so I’m always reading while the kids are playing in the kids’ room.  The pros of actual books – keeping them and sharing them. (Although this does create clutter, too) And you know I’m a big fan of the library. (we are there every day or every other day in the summer. Seriously) It’s much harder to get the Kindle copy from the library so of course, right now, I’ve been reading tons and tons of library books, because, they’re free. I have so many books reserved and I forget about them, so when they are actually on hold for me, I’m like woo hoooo I forgot about this book!
    3. Teach Your Monster To Read App. I just found this app and the former teacher in me looooves it as it teaches a lot of phonics skills. My other favorite is Endless Reader or Endless Alphabet.
    4. The boys picked maybe not the best Father’s Day shirt for Michael. We were shopping in Target when the boys spotted a Galaxy’s Best Dad shirt with a picture of Darth Vader on it. I really didn’t think about how Darth Vader really probably wasn’t the best example of a great dad.
    5. Cars 3. How many of you saw it? Like I really couldn’t wrap my head around it. Do any other superheroes become not so super in kids movies? I really didn’t enjoy this movie + storyline..it just left me kind of sad. It’s the movies – Lightning McQueen is just supposed to win forever, ha! Harrison, however, is more obsessed than ever. Lightning McQueen may have actually replaced the Thomas spot in his heart. (Um, so glad we did this road trip when we did) He plays with this for hours. I mean, the child has cars in his hand from when he gets up until he goes to sleep and is constantly saying, “I am SPEED.” or going on and on about “Cruise Retirez” how he calls her. He saw a Nascar race on tv at a restaurant recently and was just speechless. The child is all in. And speaking of Cars3 and Lightning McQueen, Harrison finally got a birthday party this year..If you’ve been following me, then you would know he was born on Christmas Day. And, of course, trying to plan a birthday party even anywhere near that time is just crazy. So finally, this year, he had a 1/2 birthday party. And with his love of cars + my love of air conditioning, a movie theater party was just perfect. Everything for his party came in a box from amazon and showed up at our door a few days before the party, because that’s just how I roll. We didn’t even end up using the cute cone cups because I was just so busy trying to get everyone fed + the cake ready. Thankful for Aunt Amy’s amazing cake skills, and Harrison insisted on having cake on his nose.He LOVED having a birthday just for him + it was such a super cute morning. (Cake – Delicious Bakery, Movie Theater – North Hills, who were just so amazing and went above + beyond, Cups (Similar to these), Piston Cups (Similar to these), Road Tablecovers , Pennant Banner)cars3 birthday party 4343434P I N this to pinterestcars3 birthday party 43434343P I N this to pinterestcars3 birthday party 434343434P I N this to pinterestcars3 birthday party 434232P I N this to pinterestcars3 birthday party 434434P I N this to pinterestcars3 birthday party 434343P I N this to pinterestcars3 birthday party 434545P I N this to pinterestcars3 birthday party 4344P I N this to pinterestcars3 birthday party 434
    6. Michael made us a Garage Reading nook and it is the best ever. Nothing fancy, at all – just two chairs, a cooler, and a little table, but it’s been fun reading outside with the boys, getting some fresh air. (because they are bookworms like me) Or when they are playing basketball, I can sit in there and read.
    7. So without knowing the price because I was buying vitamins, too (I mean, it’s a candy bar, right?) I should have never tried it. This sugar free candy bar   was amazzzzing. (1/2 the price at Harmony Farms. I bought them at my dr’s office,too) I’m already a dark chocolate fan so to be able to find it without sugar – my BFF. I can only buy one a year because they are so ‘spensive.
    8. Chic-fil-A has a gluten free bun. Awesome news for my gluten free friends! I mainly do not eat gluten at all so it’s nice to have the option of a bun. My favorite meal at Chic-fil-a is the grilled nuggets with a large superfood salad – YUM!
    9. We tried out the Lego club this month, and it is super cute. It is kind of confusing because they have two different club meetings. If you have signed up to be a Lego VIP (which is free) you have to be on the computer at 9 am on the 15th of the month to sign up for a free meeting, which is on weekdays. They build one small thing. If you want to sign up for the regular club meeting on Saturday mornings (9 AM before Crabtree stores open) it’s 10.00 and not only do they get the mini build, you get 5.00 in Lego points and then they get to fill up a little bucket with legos from the wall, build some more and take it home. Super cute + Owen loved it. This month I did the paid meeting, but I was able to get him into the free VIP club meeting in July.
    10. There is an instapot cheat sheet. Life changing.
    11. Since we’ve spent a lot of days at the library and I’ve been following Sarah MacKenzie for some great ideas for read alouds based on the month. Harrison and I have been reading a lot of great books about the pond. Over and Under the PondIn the Small, Small Pond, and The Foolish Tortoise are a few, so of course, I was thrilled when we visited Michael’s parents that they took us to Simm’s Country BBQ. Such a great place with bluegrass, and of course, the kids’ favorite – the pond with turtles and fish. My teacher heart burst when Harrison said, “I see a tortoise.” from his book.
    12. Three birthdays and Father’s Day is really too much for one month. We made it through – lots of celebrations, but whew, I’m tired. Owen’s birthday was first (June 9th) Then Michael’s birthday (June 11th) Harrison’s 1/2 birthday party (June 17th) and then Father’s Day the next day! When Owen was in Kindergarten, we had some really sweet room moms who went all out when we had special snacks and things for the kids at school. Since I’ve been reading a lot of Sally Clarkson, I really loved this idea of making days special for kids + celebrating them. I’m not a Pinterest/crafty mom, but I can sure show up at the dollar store, head to Walmart, or my favorite, order on Amazon. Owen really wanted to be with his cousins for his birthday, so we spent a day in Greensboro. It started at the Greensboro Science Center, which has some fun new stuff like the Octopus! Loved him! I will be honest I got a little creeped out when I saw this. Like, who feeds him or cleans his cage safely? Also, this poor one fish took shark bait to another level. They said he had gotten bit the day before and they keep trying to fish him out but he wouldn’t let them catch him. We walked outside to see the animals, too, and the new ropes course is just amazing – like a dream for Owen. It just reminds me of Peter Pan…but he needs one more year before he can do it. Then, we went to Delicious and picked up his amazing Minecraft birthday cake + headed to Lucky32. They are always so amazing + helpful with birthdays. I looooooove Lucky32 because collard greens, of course. Mimi brought amazing minecraft sunglassesfor the party. The next morning, inspired by my amazing kindergarten mom friends, I had put up my banner+ tablecloth. He had a few presents to open – a Minecraft torch, gel pens , and a Minecraft Bible. Michael died laughing at how much he loved the gel pens. (Like, whhaaaaa. How much did we spend on the basketball goal and he’s going crazy over 10.00 pens!:)He spent his birthday at Galaxy Fun Park with a few of his friends…and then his other cousins showed up yaaaaay! Just in time for Michael’s birthday, too! What a fun birthday weekend for him.Greensboro natural science musem 3434_4635P I N this to pinterestGreensboro natural science musem 3434_4627P I N this to pinterestGreensboro natural science musem 3434_4628P I N this to pinterestGreensboro natural science musem 3434_4629P I N this to pinterestGreensboro natural science musem 3434_4630P I N this to pinterestGreensboro natural science musem 3434_4631P I N this to pinterestGreensboro natural science musem 3434_4632P I N this to pinterestGreensboro natural science musem 3434_4633P I N this to pinterestGreensboro natural science musem 3434_4634P I N this to pinterestGreensboro natural science musem 3434_4637P I N this to pinterestGreensboro natural science musem 3434_4638P I N this to pinterestGreensboro natural science musem 3434_4639P I N this to pinterestGreensboro natural science musem 3434_4640P I N this to pinterestGreensboro natural science musem 3434_4641P I N this to pinterestGreensboro natural science musem 3434_4642P I N this to pinterestGreensboro natural science musem 3434_4643P I N this to pinterestGreensboro natural science musem 3434_4644P I N this to pinterestGreensboro natural science musem 3434_4645P I N this to pinterestGreensboro natural science musem 3434_4646P I N this to pinterestGreensboro natural science musem 3434_4647P I N this to pinterestGreensboro natural science musem 3434_4648P I N this to pinterestGreensboro natural science musem 3434_4649P I N this to pinterestGreensboro natural science musem 3434_4650P I N this to pinterest
    13. I read more in the summer. And ya’ll, I really am a speed reader, but I just love books so much. We have done some road trips lately which has helped me sneak some books in. Some favorites this month have been The Jane Austen Projectand The Lost Book of the Grail. I also was lucky enough to get The Identicalsfrom the Lucky Day Shelf at the library..since I was number 367 waiting for it on hold and it was looking very unlikely that I was going to get it this summer! Right now I’m currently reading New York, which is a huge book, but really fascinating. I’ll admit, I get a little intimidated at huge books. I got Alexander Hamiltonlast year and still haven’t finished it because just look at it, I’m like whew, will I ever get through it. I almost need those books to be on my kindle, so I don’t know and I just read.
    14. This is just a funny quirk of mine but I am loving that facebook has the little emoji button so I can use them on my computer, I am just wishing they would put the most used first, like my phone – ha!
    15. Bottle feeding a baby lamb is harder than you think! A dear friend of mine invited us over to see her baby lambs + feed them. They were just so cute, frolicking and running everywhere. Taking a second to eat was the last thing on their minds, but they were sure cute!
    16. My firstborn has always been kind of timid about things, not a big risk taker…he finally passed the swim test this year – so proud of him. I have been kind of shocked that he is a huge ropes course fan. It all started with Galaxy fun park, and he also tried Go Ape and loved it.
    17. A basketball is better than an x box. Owen has been begging ya’ll for an xbox, and we just aren’t ready for that. We let him play minecraft on the ipad, but I’m just not ready to start the xbox yet. He was pretty sad about it, but we had already told him not yet. After his daddy + uncle spent hours putting together his basketball goal, and he’s gotten to spend so many hours playing with his goal…we were in the car one day, and out of nowhere, he said, “Mom + Dad, a basketball goal is way better than an xbox.” Heart melted. Raleigh Baby Lamb Photographer 4343P I N this to pinterest

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