Raleigh Baby Photography | Goals for March

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Image of my boys by Bethney Beckhaus Photography | Taken in Disney World 

February was a super busy month for us, and I’m a little sad that it’s already over. I saw some Daffodils have already started blooming in the neighborhood this week, so yay! Super excited about Spring and all of the minis we have coming up – Mommy and Me, family minis, Coastal Minis…(contact us if you want more info ASAP, we only have a few spots left!)

Goals for March

1. March is going to be a super busy shooting and editing month, but I’d love to squeeze in some time for editing our personal Disney photos.

2.I need to start exercising again so March seems like a great time to do it!

3.Finish any last minute plans for our trip to New York. Michael surprised me with Hamilton tickets for Christmas, and so I’m praying it’s not freezing cold!

4.Continue to catch up on blogging

5.Spend as much time as possible outside with the boys when we have those rare beautiful North Carolina days.

6.Start planning what we are going to do for Spring Break.

7.Write a blog post with all my favorite Disney tips/tricks.

8.Figure out Easter outfits for the boys.