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Pan Banging Cookies

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So I really love baking. Like love it, love it. I may not be the most amazing cook, but baking is something that is therapeutic to me. It’s also super fun because my kids love getting involved with baking. (Who doesn’t right?) I had to share this recipe that we tried yesterday because it was AMAZING. The salt, the kind of chocolate, just all kinds of amazingness. What is so intense about these chocolate chip cookies is that they are crunchy on the outside and chewy on the inside. There is a little bit more work to make this happen and you can find all of the details and the recipe here. Make sure you read the entire instructions because 1. The freezer is an important step not to skip.  2.What kind of chocolate you use is very important. 3. Which side of the foil you use is another thing. (Basically all this to say read allll of the instructions ahead of time so you are prepared)

I do not have a big freezer so luckily I have a few small cookie pans. These are very big cookies (but oh so yummy!) so I could only put 2-4 on a pan. (I had to use super small pans because I have a side by side freezer) I just read my book while I waited for them to cook or waiting every two minutes to bang the pan. Banging the pan is the fun part. You pick up one side in the oven and then let it crash down so that the center of the cookie deflates.  (After cooking ten minutes, then you start the pan banging every two minutes) If you make these, let me know what you think of the deliciousness!

Recipe from The Vanilla Bean Blog 

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