Sleeping Beauty

Raleigh North Carolina Newborn Photographer


Remember this stunning Mama + her maternity portraits? Well, their sweet little sleeping beauty has arrived. I love that she was named after her grandmother and that we used the tea towels her grandmother made during the session – just so special! This was just a cloudy day at home, and we were able to capture such special memories for this sweet family of three.

According to Mom….

What was the first thing you thought when you saw your baby for the first time? I couldn’t believe it was real! My labor experience was long and difficult and it was just unbelievable to finally have her laying on me.

What was the best part of having a newborn session at home? I loved doing the session at home because it captured us in our natural environment. Plus it made it easy to not have to travel! We were able to take our time and work around Maxine’s needs.

How did you prepare the baby for our photoshoot? No preparation other than making sure she was fed and calm. Although as any new parent knows, that doesn’t last long! Becky was great about working with us though when Maxine needed a break to eat (or fuss:)

How was your experience having your newborn photographed? Were you worried or nervous beforehand? How did it turn out? I was a little nervous about how she would behave, but overall she did great!

What is your advice to someone getting newborn photographs taken? Be prepared for the shoot to take a few hours and don’t feel bad about it! Becky is super laid back and willing to work with you and your baby. It is hard to control how a baby is going to act at any given moment so just go with the flow and let it take as long as it needs to take.

Did you have a sentimental item at our shoot? The pillowcases that Maxine was photographed in were embroidered for me by my late grandmother Maxine. It was important for me to have pictures taken with Maxine in something her namesake had created.

How would you describe your perfect Saturday as a family? Our perfect Saturday is simply time together. I would say a big homecooked breakfast followed by a walk around the neighborhood or in the park. Then just relaxing at home or maybe a date night dinner out for mom and dad!

Styled by Little Apple Styles

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Newborn Raleigh Family Photographer

I first photographed this sweet family during their maternity session at home. Big brother was as sweet as can be with his baby brother. He has lots of energy but was just as content as can be to sit with his parents and dote on his baby brother. Loved the Carolina basketball lamp in the nursery (of course, since I am a UNC fan by default since marrying Michael) I think it was from the boys’ daddy’s room when he was a boy which makes it super special. Their mama is beautiful inside and out and it’s been so great to chat with her at their sessions. They also have a schnauzer (named Jolly), which we lost both of our schnauzers this year (both were very, very old) and schnauzers will always have a special place in my heart! This has reminded me..I need to blog their maternity portraits, too! About to say goodbye to 2016 and celebrate 2017 but had to blog this sweet family’s newborn session first.

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According to Mom..

What was the first thing you thought when you saw your baby for the first time? I can’t believe I have two of these.:)

What was your favorite part of the session? How patient you were with my two children between Locke’s non stop moving and drooling and having to feed the baby.

How did you prepare for your photoshoot? Had the house somewhat de-cluttered and kept outfits simple with no outfit changes.

How was your experience having your newborn photographed? Were you nervous or worried beforehand? I wasn’t nervous. I had full faith in you!:)

What would be your advice to someone having newborn photographs taken? Relax as much as you can.

Do you have any other children? Any cute stories about their relationship? We have a 19 month old. He loves his baby brother – he comes in from school making sure he’s still there.

How would your describe your perfect Saturday as a family? Something active! Either at marbles or a park.

Any advice to other families picking our wardrobe or preparing for their session? Keep it neutral.


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Cary Newborn Family Photographer

Oh, the joy this sweet baby brother is bringing to his family. Bonheur in French means happiness, and I love that they incorporated it into both boys’ newborn portraits. We got such a great portrait of big brother as a newborn with the Eiffel Tower, and I love the portrait of this little one with one of the car’s from his dad’s collection. I have loved photographing this sweet family and was thrilled when they asked me to come and photograph their new baby boy!cary-newborn-family-photographer-453_3654P I N this to pinterest

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© 2014 Rebecca Keller Photography

According to Mom…

What was your favorite part of your newborn session? It was so convenient having the newborn session at home (not having to get a toddler and newborn out of the house to be somewhere on time)! My favorite part of the session was watching Alexandre interact with Benjamin. Alexandre loves kissing and hugging him all the time. You can tell he’s so proud to be a big brother!

How was your experience having your newborn photographed? Were you nervous or worried before the session? I wasn’t worried at all because Becky is so great with children and I knew she would take some amazing photos! Benjamin was so calm during the session, and he slept through most of it. Becky captured so many wonderful moments, and we are really happy with how the photos turned out!

Any advice to other families picking out wardrobe or preparing for their session? Make sure you have outfits planned well in advance. And also make sure your toddler doesn’t fall back asleep in the morning as you’re scrambling to get ready for the session because you may end up with a cranky, overtired child that does not want to cooperate after the first 15 minutes of the session. ; ) But in the end, Becky was still able to capture some great moments of the boys together and us as a family!

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So Much Happy

Raleigh Outdoor Family Portraits

Can’t you just feel all the happy in this session? This sweet girl was just so full of joy to laugh and giggle and play with her Mommy and Daddy. I wonder if she even knew I was taking pictures. This was the sweetest session and I love, love, love, the hug with her Mama at the end. I am still overwhelmed with blogging fall sessions but now that the rush of fall has passed, I can’t wait to share all the sweet sessions on the blog. Every year I think fall will be a little bit less busy, but it just seems to get busier and busier. This year was packed out. (Thank you to all of my clients!) So more will be coming to the blog soon starting with this family! This is one of my favorite locations because it’s quiet (especially in the fall) and simple and beautiful. I try to stay away from the super busy spots in fall but I usually end up at a few. This spot is always quiet and always a favorite of mine.


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If you haven’t heard the news yet…

sarah-web_3505We are offering a limited number of Christmas PJ Minis this year. It is super busy around here – we have our Santa Minis and Minis at Boyce Farms also coming up in a few weeks!  These are extra special because they are in your home with your tree. We are only offering a few days the first week of December. We have one day in North Raleigh/Wake Forest, one day in Morrisville/Cary, and one day in Durham. Contact us soon if you want one of the last available spots! (And you can start shopping for your Christmas jammies!)