Raleigh Natural Newborn Photography – Neutral & Blue

Ok, I just looooooove the sweet simplicity of this session. The three of them together and the soft colors, eeeeek!

The first days at home with your baby are spent, well, taking care of yourself and your baby. That’s pretty much it around the clock..and catching any free moments of sleep that you can. There’s also visitors and doctors appointments so not too much time spent resting. A lot of time is spent thinking about when you will feed your baby next, feeding the baby, changing the baby, trying to remember to feed yourself and also rest. That’s why I love newborn sessions at home. I just have to show up and you can keep on taking care of your baby and spend some quality time together just being photographed. You can take your time getting ready, get outfit advice, Little Apple Styles can even come to your home with clothing options, and we just stop when baby needs to be fed and go by baby’s schedule. Every baby is different – some of them sleep the entire time I’m there and none of us can believe it. (this really rarely happens but I think everyone is disbelief when it does) Other little ones want to eat 75% of the session, and that’s what’s great about being at home. I don’t mind waiting for them to be happy and settled and understand that babies need a lot of soothing and love those first days at home. It is such a sweet job capturing the first days together as a family with your new little one. I first met these two at their maternity session, and they were just so happy and fun together. Photographing them was so much fun, and they were just as laid back at their newborn session cuddling their sweet baby boy. And their nursery was just gorgeous – this Mama did such a good job decorating their nautical nursery! I love that this session was full of neutrals and just focused on the three of them & baby. One thing is for certain – this little man is just so loved. I love that all these images captured just how enthralled they are with their newborn baby boy – such a sweet time that flies by so quickly.

According to Mom…

What was your favorite part of our session together? Working with Becky is always great! One of the nicest things was that she scheduled a lot of time for the shoot so there was no rush!

How did you prepare your baby for our photoshoot? We attempted to have the baby fed and ready to go. Of course newborns have their own schedules. Cole woke up earlier than planned and shifted his next feeding to the exact time Becky arrived. Thankfully Becky was so understanding and assured me that it was okay to take my time to feed our little guy.

Raleigh Natural Newborn Photography | Rebecca Keller Photography

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Rebecca Keller is a Raleigh Newborn Photographer featured in People Magazine and on several blogs including Lemonade and Lenses and Let The Kid Dress Themselves.