Holden Beach Family Photography – 18 Months & Five Years

It’s hard to believe they have both gotten so big. (Look how cute they were last year at the beach) It has been such a joy watching these two grow so much everyday. I love the 18 months milestone, although he is still so shy, such a Mama’s boy, it is hard to get him to stay somewhere for a photo, he loves colors, his bear, his blanket, his brother. Oh, and he says, “Cars,” and “Trucks,” about 300 times a day. He can often be found peeking through blinds to get a glimpse of some form of transportation. It’s so cute to see how different he and Owen are. He loves reading Duck and Goose books and of course, his cars pajamas are his favorite. He giggles hysterically whenever he sees a picture of him and Owen and we usually have to take a picture frame from his hands once a day. He can be found screaming, “O—-wen, O—–wen,” several times a day as he just loves him so much. These were taken around July 4th week at the beach..this summer is flying by and Owen will be headed to kindergarten soon!

holden-beach-family-photographer_3169P I N this to pinterestI love this face. This is so him. I’m sure I told him a math problem that wasn’t right…and he was like, “Mommy. Nooooooo…”
holden-beach-family-photographer_3170P I N this to pinterestAnd no matter what, Harrison was NOT going to sit on this bench with his brother. “No, no, no!” he told me. But he did stand next to it looking super adorable. That face is so him – melts my heart.holden-beach-family-photographer_3171P I N this to pinterestHe has loved playing in the sand since he was a baby.holden-beach-family-photographer_3172P I N this to pinterestholden-beach-family-photographer_3173P I N this to pinterestholden-beach-family-photographer_3174P I N this to pinterestholden-beach-family-photographer_3175P I N this to pinterestholden-beach-family-photographer_3176P I N this to pinterest

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