First Birthday Raleigh Family Photography – Snuggles & Smiles

Oh, he was just too cute with all his smiles and snuggles for his Mommy & Daddy the morning of his first birthday portraits. (He was just so sleepy and content at his newborn portraits a year ago) It’s so much fun to see how much they grow and change, and it was so sweet to see this little one’s personality. We had PERFECT weather the morning of their session – it was absolutely gorgeous! And this little one was so full of smiles, such a sweet session with his Mommy & Daddy.

According to Mom…

Who are the members of your family and a quick fact about each one?

Megan –  Was dancing before I could walk!
Josh –  As a baby, modeled for a poster on bad eating habits (he was a chunker!!) haha
Jameson  – Love monkeys!

What was your favorite part of the session? The location was just beautiful, and the lighting of the early morning and cool morning breeze made it even more so. It really complemented the great mood we were all in, especially Jameson! Josh and I had so much fun just goofing around with him and being silly! We had such a great time and the pictures really captured that.

Tell me about the outfits you wore to the session. I wanted the three of us to coordinate, but not be too “matchy”. And I really just love the clean/crisp look of navy blue and white, so I decided to pick options for each of us that pulled in those colors. Jameson wore three different outfits (I still can’t believe he let us change him that many times and didn’t get fussy!), just because I couldn’t choose just one! And I knew I wanted him in these adorable plaid overalls, because they are just so comfy and cute, and they really matched the outdoorsy/casual feel.

What words of wisdom do you have for other Mamas preparing for a session? Plan the timing around your baby’s nap times if at all possible!! It definitely helps to have a happy and smiley baby!

Were you worried about any parts of the session beforehand? I just mostly wanted Jameson to be in a good mood, so Becky could capture his adorable smile and we wouldn’t have to work too hard to get it!

What are your little one’s favorites? Favorite food – anything with bread (just like his momma!) And of course milk – he still LOVES his bottle!
Favorite toy – his monkey stuffed animal – he sleeps with it every night! And we even got a few pictures of him with monkey at the session:)
Favorite game – peek-a-boo, and he loves to be chased! He’s a really fast crawler!

What wishes do you have for your little one? What dreams do you dream for him? I pray every day that Jameson lives a very long, healthy and happy life filled with lots of family, friends and most importantly, love.

First Birthday Raleigh Family Photography | Rebecca Keller Photography


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Rebecca Keller is a Raleigh Baby Photographer featured in People Magazine and on several blogs including Lemonade and Lenses and Let The Kids Dress Themselves. Contact the studio for more information about first birthday photography and family portraits.