This week’s 52 week project theme is Drink Up! So I decided to pick one of my favorite drinks – iced coffee in a mason jar!

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  If you don’t want to make the coffee yourself, you can get fantastic iced coffee in a mason jar at Jubala Village Coffee.

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  This was taken on a recent mother son date to Jubala Village Coffee. Owen loves drawing on the chalkboard!

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A few favorites from today! She is just too cute!

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One of my February goals is to capture more of the everyday.

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  I can’t keep secrets so the grandparents may see these on the blog before I even get them in the mail this afternoon. Maybe I should send these pictures with the valentines. He really loved making them and babbled the grandparents names while he was working. It only took a few minutes to take these pictures, and they are dear to me. He was so sweet making each one (yet he did try to eat one of the elephant’s eyes!)

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Sweet Shot Tuesday. A favorite image from the week.

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  One of my goals for February is to capture more of the everyday. My sweet boy just loves letters. There are letters all over the house. This picture just captures his everyday perfectly.

Looking at my goals for 2012:

*So far I have completed each week of the 52 week project. (yay!) See each week here.

*Organizing – January’s goal was to organize my office. That is still a work in progress – but the hall closet downstairs (which is huge since we don’t have a pantry in our kitchen) was organized this month

*Working on a teaching project with Owen – our next project is going to be numbers! So excited!

*Going to the gym 4-5 days a week. This is going well – except I should I should have made the goal to exercise – not just go to the gym. I love running outside – pushing Owen and the BOB up big hills!

I am happy with most of my January goals – I didn’t finish all of them but I made a lot of progress and there are still a few things I would like to put on my goals for February.

So – here they are!

Goals for February:

*Make homemade Valentines with Owen and send to each of the grandparents/great grandparents.

*Try to capture more everyday moments. I like posed pictures with backgrounds but I also love everyday lifestyle pictures, and I want to take more of those.

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  I love this simple everyday moment on the playground.

  * Take more pictures with me in them. That is tough for me since I am always taking the pictures. I need to use my self timer more. I am not going to get perfect focus, but at least I will have some more pictures with my sweet boy.

  * Continue to work on getting all of my contracts and forms online.

  * Continue to work on organizing the home office:)

  * Cook 3 – 4 times a week. I have really been trying to be diligent about meal planning so we can eat out less. My friend Mary has been helping me with recipes, ideas, and suggestions. Now, homemade snickers bars don’t qualify as dinner, but they were delicious. The recipe can be found here.

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