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Navigating the preschool years with my second preschooler, I wanted to share some of the things I have loved educationally for my boys. Owen was such a sponge that soaked up everything and stressed me out to teach him every second of the day, the former teacher in me looked for some resources to keep his little brain happy. (I had to turn on math songs in the car so he wouldn’t make me answer math problems 24 hours a day, no kidding. His brain never stops) Now that my second child is four, we have been working on some things everyday. (which he loves and looks forward to every morning)

Here are a few of my favorite things..

First of all, fine motor skills are super important – building their hand strength so they are ready to start writing in kindergarten. A few favorites are

Crayon Rocks. So much easier to grip the right way and encourage coloring success in those with weak hands

Handwriting Without Tears Crayons. Smaller is better with being able to grip and hold the crayons the right way. Harrison has loved these. This comes with a lot of crayons so you could also split with a friend.

-spray bottle. We’ve had Harrison using the spray bottle “to clean the shower” everyday to build up his hand strength

Mr. Pencil. Owen used the older version of Mr Pencil, and he learned to write so easily. Harrison practices with this daily in the car and all the silly noises make him giggle. I love this for learning how to form letters.

I really love the Endless Reader app on my phone. If Harrison is suffering through a doctor’s appointment of mine or sitting for long periods when we are out and about, this is an awesome educational app.

My Book of Number Games, 1-150 (Kumon Workbooks)These are really cute, and Harrison and I count out loud as we trace the shape. He can use his crayon rocks on the back to color the numbers. I love a lot of the Kumon stuff so much!

Harrison already knows his letters and letter sounds so we have worked on some sight wordsbooks and word familybooks. (We do these together and it’s really just for more experience with words)

My favorite educational show is Super Why, but I do feel like my kids learned so much from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Common Sense Media has a lot of great reviews and suggestions for educational shows.

If you live in Raleigh, the Teach Me Store is a great resource for so many educational things for kids!

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