Best Buddies – Raleigh Newborn Baby Photographer

Wow. I LOVE newborn sessions at home. A lot of the stress of having to get ready to go somewhere is taken out of the session, the little ones eat when they need to, and they are so happy in their environment. This little one was just 4 weeks old and he slept a little bit but was mostly bright eyed and alert for his family portraits in Raleigh. We were able to capture some of the sweetest moments of him with his family. And his big brother – just wow. (okay. I am saying wow alot, but really, this session was just so sweet) Everytime I tried to take a portrait of mr. man by himself, big brother just had to kiss him and be right next to him. ADORABLE. There are so many sweet photos of them together and I know they are going to be best buddies. Alex absolutely loves his little brother and had to be next to him every second. We took family portraits inside first and then headed outside to catch the last few minutes of my favorite light – sunset. It was a gorgeous evening and such a sweet newborn session.

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Rebecca Keller is a natural light Raleigh Newborn Baby Photographer in Raleigh, N.C. Contact Rebecca Keller Photography to book your Raleigh Newborn Photography session.

Jenny Cordero says:

love these!

Bailey Nicole Photography says:

Great eye contact on those little ones! All around, great captures.

Angela Lang says:

What a yummy newborn session!

Tracey Bohland says:

Beautiful captures! These are just adorable!

mary says:

these are pure perfection! love each and every image

Btesy says:

Love these. Nothing greater than sibling love!

Lynnea says:

These are beautiful! Seriously, mom just had a baby??? She looks amazing!

Rena Christine says:

How sweet! He looks so excited to be a big brother :)

Robiin says:

These are beautiful! Nice work on these, I love the variety you captured of lifestyle indoor and outdoor.

Bobbijo says:

really sweet session. SO cute how big brother would not leave him alone!
love that last one peeking through the leaves!

Analiese says:

Beautiful work! Baby is gorgeous.

These are so sweet! I love all the sibling photos. What a proud big brother!

Sarah Scanlon Gallagher says:

Beautiful! I love the last black and white in the trees.

Jackie says:

Love your perspectives in these, wonderful work and beautiful family!

Oh I love these! What an adorable and loving family!

Summer says:

What a beautiful family, I love all these :)

Julianna Babics says:

Wow! Amazing!!! So many favorites!