Raleigh Commercial Photography – On New Year’s Resolutions, My Fitbit, and Losing 5 lbs

Start of the year + everyone trying to work off all those Christmas cookies. Well, and cakes, peppermint bark, birthday cakes (at our house) and every other sweet imaginable! We were at dinner with friends December 30, and they mentioned using an app on their phone to track calories. (This was the same day I decided to weigh myself after the holidays. oh funnnn, right?) I decided to look at my fitbit app and realized I wasn’t utilizing all the things that I could. So since the 31st, I started using a lot more on the app, and man, do I love the data. I love that I can track my runs or barre class, and see data from every work out.

    I do have the fitbit scale, too, so the fitbit takes my weight and activity level for the day and along with the food tracker, lets me know how much I can eat all day. I’ve always heard writing all your food down helps you lose weight, but I really don’t have time for a notebook. I will lose the notebook between my gym bag, purse, diaper bag, Owen’s swim bag, and every other bag we have..and please don’t make me have to figure out calories, etc for every food. The food tracker is great because you can search for a food (or coffee ah-hem) and it just has all the info, you log it, and it lets you know how much more you can eat that day. If I have a day where I’m on the couch editing more, I get to eat less. The days I run three miles I get to eat a lot more..woo hoooooo! I’m excited that the Christmas cookie weight gain is gone, but I am still working on goals, and as always, it’s a lifelong thing. I have the Charge HR (I have the small)  because I like to monitor my heart rate, especially when I run. You can click it to record workouts, which is great. All my data from barre and runs is in my app. Other features include sleep analysis, you can log how much water you’ve had that day to see if you need to drink more, and you can participate in challenges with friends. (Who can walk the most steps in a day, week, weekend, etc) My brother is the king of challenges so I may have given up on beating him! A few of my workout favorites: *Pure Barre. (love, love, love it) *21 Day Fix  – this is probably my most favorite at home workout ever. I love this strength workout and that there’s not a lot of jumping. Jumping jacks/burpees are just not my favorite. *10K Trainer Free App. I love this app, even if I just want to work up to a 5k. In case I decide to run more, it has been such a great app for building up my running. *Wireless Headphones  – I just hate earbuds. These are amazing + I looooove them. Another thing that has really helped with my fitness + weightloss goals has been Whole30. Read more on my blog here. I highly recommend the book It Starts With Food. Reading it really helped me commit to the program. The Whole30 book is also has awesome advice for living out the program everyday and practical recipes. I didn’t realize just how much the “stress” I was feeling was coming from what I was eating. Whole30 has just made me feel so great! 

Anyone else working on fitness/health goals in January? What has been the most helpful to you?

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my very loved Charge HR

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