Raleigh Commercial Photographer – Suzanna’s Antiques

Suzanna’s Antiques, on Durant road in Raleigh, has been one of my favorite stores for years..and we were just talking yesterday – they’ve been open 10 years! There is so much to see + so much thought has been put into all the great things you can find at the shop. I love the old doors, old windows, and the list goes on and on.

If you’ve been following me on instagram, you’d know that I love Suzanna’s Antiques. It’s absolutely my favorite spot to shop, and I usually have to have a lot of self control whenever I stop by because there is just so much cute stuff! You have to walk realllly slowly and just keep staring so you don’t miss anything, which can be difficult whenever Harrison is in tow.(And make sure you look up. A lot of great finds are on the ceiling. Yes. the ceiling. Especially in the room where you check out…ornaments everywhere – so fun!) They also have a lot of those fun wooden signs that are so pretty. I am so lucky that they are right down the street from me..and on the route to and from Owen’s school, so everyday I am reminded I want to stop by! Love, love, love Suzanna’s – everyone is so friendly + helpful, and there are just so many great finds!

A few snaps from my visit to the shop yesterday..

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