Greensboro Extended Family Lifestyle Photography – The Beautiful Fall Colors

I will tell you….this family is really just I photographed most of their family last year (a few weren’t able to come) and was really looking forward to their session this year. (All five siblings were able to come this year – so awesome!) They just show up with the best attitudes, ready to laugh, cheer on each other, make the kids giggle and just laugh when kids are just kids. Their expectations of a family session is just the best – because we are capturing and documenting their family stress free. It makes me really look forward to photographing them because of the love that they have for each other and the laughter and fun they have while being photographed. We laughed and laughed, threw leaves, changed props, squeaked giraffes and laughed some more.

I’m not sure if I’m the only one that felt this way, but I felt like the trees changed colors really late this year. This session was about an hour and a half away so I wasn’t sure just what the park was going to look like when I arrived. You know I was just ecstatic to see the most beautiful fall colors (that went with their outfits perfectly!) and a little jealous Raleigh didn’t have those bright colors yet. Could that background have been any prettier with of course, my favorite, sunset light! If you know me, I just looooove shooting with the pretty sunset light.

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Rebecca Keller is a Raleigh, N.C. Maternity and Newborn Photographer. Contact Rebecca Keller Photography for more information about Raleigh Extended Family Lifestyle Photography and Greensboro Extended Family Lifestyle Photography.

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Melissa D. says:

Aw! Such a sweet session, and love those red trees in the background!

KimberLee AndTony Miller says:

These are beautiful and the location is gorgeous!

Megan says:

The colors in this session are stunning! I love the mix of posed and unposed shots – lovely session!

Matt Brubaker says:

We had a GREAT time!! Thank you, Rebecca, for such beautiful pictures!!

Kelly H says:

I just love the colors and style of their outfits. What a beautiful family. Looks like they had a great time.

Kati says:

Love the bright colors, and what a gorgeous family! I would love to have photos like this.

Shanna Aitken says:

Such a beautiful family! Those kids are all adorable!

What a great session! They are adorable and I love all the personality and love you captured.

Laura Kee Clouse says:

What a beautiful family! I love the colors and location in Greensboro that this family picked for their extended family session with you. Your talent as a family lifestyle photographer is amazing!

Alexis says:

Oh my gosh these are so sweet and fun and I love all of the colors!!