Raleigh Cary Lifestyle Newborn Photographer – Dreaming of Paris

What I love so much about newborn sessions at home is just how much meaning is poured into each and every session. Having a four year old (and almost one year old – whoa!) reminds me of just how fast time flies by and how special it is to document the first days at home. This little one was just so content to dream away during his session and did wake up for a few photos. I love that the images with the Eiffel Tower and the huge canvas they had also of the Eiffel Tower hold so much meaning. ¬†When I saw that huge pretty canvas, I knew we had to use it for a few photos. He also had the sweetest little play mat, and of course we got a few images with his dad’s car collection. What a sweet session this was and such a precious newborn baby boy!

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