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Senior Portraits – wow, so much fun, right? I photographed this sweet Senior’s sister when she was a Senior and was so super excited when they contacted me to photograph her Senior Portraits, too. Since she loves everything vintage, coffee, and crafting, I really did some research to find some backgrounds that fit her personality. I was so super excited with our first location downtown The Stockroom at 230 – it was such a crazy day downtown, too. I think I drove in the biggest circle ever to avoid some kind of motorcycle event that blocked off several streets including the exact location we were meeting. It turns out we parked right next to each other, too.

I love that the location downtown just fit her personality so perfectly and that we were able to incorporate some props into her session – a globe and vintage chair. Our next part of the session was at Suzanna’s Antiques which, of course, is one of my favorite Raleigh places ever. It is super close to me, too, so we stop by there a lot. My husband cannot park in the garage because half of it is everything I have gotten from Suzanna’s.(They also have some super fun pumpkins – green ones, white ones, so if you haven’t gotten your pumpkin, stop by) I was super excited for the second part of her session because Suzanna’s has endless backgrounds, and we were able to get some really creative images that went right along with her personality.┬áPlanning this Senior session was just so much fun!

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Rebecca Keller is a Raleigh Senior Portraits Photographer. Contact Rebecca Keller Photography for more information about Raleigh Senior Portraits.

Deborah Fletcher says:

wow, such a sweet subject! Her gentle spirit just shines through these photographs. I loved the softness of the settings. Loved her salvation bracelet, great to not miss an opportunity to share… :)