Colorful Wake Forest Raleigh Baby Photography – Happy Little ONE

Still can’t believe this little one is already ONE? Really?!? Already?!? ..this year has gone by so fast! He was the sleepiest baby for his newborn portraits (oh my, did you see his hair?!? So beautiful!) and was also a winner of the 2013 Image of the Year last year! (Cannot wait for the 2014 Image of the Year – can’t wait to see what images everyone picks!) This little one was just so full of personality, and just happy, happy, happy during his one year portrait session. The balloons his parents brought were so super fun and I just love the one of him in the field with the chair and balloons. Looking at these, you can just see his sweet little happy personality in each and every image. They are such a sweet family and you can just see the love that they have for their baby boy in these images.¬†You know I love flowers, too, and was super excited that the pretty yellow wildflowers (I have no idea what they are called! eek!) were still blooming and we were able to use them for a few images during their session.

Things I love about this session:

* Balloons. Ok – I’m pretty sure most babies just LOVE balloons. Don’t balloons just make you happy? This little one sure was happy about having those balloons!

* Perfect weather & sunset (You know I LOVE pretty light!)

* The Yellow Flowers (yay! so glad they were blooming)

* Oh, and the great advice this Mama gave me about some crackers I can get for Harrison (thank you!!!) I always love hearing ideas/getting advice! Always one of the best parts of my session. I had a session not too long ago where we were discussing Costco and I totally learned about all this amazing food we were missing out on. (Have you tried the pulled pork?!?We are kind of in love with the pulled pork, the bison..ok I could go on and on. If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know because I am always looking for new things to eat there!)

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