Made with Love – Newborn Photographer, Raleigh, N.C.

A simple craft for a special family member.
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   Isn’t he the cutest? Oh, he just loves to color. I just have to make sure the artwork stays on the paper and not on the walls.

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April C says:

This is a lovely, creative idea. And yes, he is so cute.

Gina says:

I absolutely adore the perspective on that second one

Ruth says:

Love, love, love :)

Dusty Coyote says:

Gorgeous! You captured a great moment.

sarah says:

love the perspective of the second photo. just lovely. and yes – he IS the cutest!! my husband and i almost lived in Wake Forest a few years back but ended up in Ohio (then Florida and now England!) instead. I remember how much we both loved the area when we visited. Good luck with P52! I look forward to your next post and am happy to have found your blog.

Tracy Roul says:

Sweet! Love it and beautiful memories too! Great job!

Susan says:

Oh…he really really is!! Love this one.

Hope you have a blessed day!

Mrs.Zoom says:

Sweet hearts and sweet boy!