Newborn Portrait Photography – Raleigh, N.C.

From the fullness of grace we have received one blessing after another –  John 1:16

This is my favorite picture from this week –

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   Those first days with your little one are just so incredible. The emotions and just the love that fills your heart

   is overwhelming. I love capturing these sweet moments.

   The first days after Owen was born I just sobbed – thinking, wow, this is how much my parents love me and even more

   Wow, this is just a glimpse into how much God loves me.

   The first moment I held him changed my life. I was so blessed to have Michael and a dear friend with me

   who took pictures of the incredible moment that I held my son for the first time.

   I tell my friends who are pregnant when they moan, when they worry about birth – that if I had had

   even a glimmer of what it was going to be like to hold him, I wouldn’t have even groaned in the


   The birth of a little one is such a miracle. I am thankful to capture these sweet days.

Carmen says:

Hi Rebecca!

What a beautiful image of mom and her little precious baby! You captured it so perfect!! I’m in love!
By the way, we are neighbors! lol I live in Raleigh 😉



Gina says:

WOW- I can see why this would be a favorite. It’s STUNNING!!!!!

Ana GR says:

So sweet! Perfect mother baby portrait. I simply love it!

Tanda says:

I love everything about this photo! So precious and beautiful!!!

margaret says:

beautiful shot. I love everything about it!
visiting by way of sweet shot tuesday.

Tracy Roul says:

Breath taking – love the subtle colors in this shot!

Tessa Linden says:

What an absolutely lovely image. Beautiful mama, beautiful babe. Well done.

Let me just say firstly that I think photographing sessions must be a real challenge – the whole prospect overwhelms me. Secondly, the notion of photographing newborns in some ways, from the general public seems to appear ‘easy’ because they’re so cute & innocent. I’ve seen some very sweet & quite lovely photos of newborns and their mothers over the last few months with joining in these challenges, but you have simply nailed this completely – everything about this is so beautiful and emotive. And I love that the little one is swaddled up – it really suits the photo. Well done.