Raleigh Baby Studio Photographer – Mommy and Me


What a sweet Mommy & Me session this was in the studio. This little one was just sooo happy. I couldn’t believe he didn’t sleep on his way to the studio, let his mama dress him, change his clothes again, I think he was also teething, and still stayed happy throughout the session – what a sweetheart. ¬†First year sessions are always so special – capturing milestones and how they grow and change so fast. (He’s grown up so much since his newborn portraits!) One of my favorite things about photographing newborns is seeing how much they grow and change during the first year! Photos with mama are just so special, and I’m glad I got to photograph these two!


raleigh-baby-studio-photographer_1826P I N this to pinterestraleigh-baby-studio-photographer_1827P I N this to pinterestraleigh-baby-studio-photographer_1829P I N this to pinterestraleigh-baby-studio-photographer_1831P I N this to pinterestraleigh-baby-studio-photographer_1832P I N this to pinterestraleigh-baby-studio-photographer_1833P I N this to pinterestraleigh-baby-studio-photographer_1834P I N this to pinterestraleigh-baby-studio-photographer_1835P I N this to pinterest

Looking at these reminded me that I didn’t get to blog when I caught up with him in the fall! (The fall was just so super busy and I’m still playing catch up blogging sessions) Just had to share how a few and you can see how he’s grown!

raleigh-baby-studio-photographer_1836P I N this to pinterestraleigh-baby-studio-photographer_1837P I N this to pinterest

Rebecca Keller is a Raleigh Baby Studio Photographer in Raleigh, N.C. The Rebecca Keller Photography in home studio is for Baby’s First Year Mini Sessions. Contact Rebecca Keller Photography for more information about Raleigh Newborn and Maternity Photography.

Stephanie Studer says:

love these…he is adorable..like a little man. Little boys and moms are heart-melting!

Gabrielle von Heyking says:

what a little cutie!! beautiful photos, I love how you’ve captured the bond between mom and son! :)

Aida Matei says:

This pictures are so beautiful! Nice work!

pam says:

Beautiful lighting. I love this set.

Ruth Bloch says:

Awww how gorgeous!!!!

Mandy says:

Beautiful baby and beautiful photos! Love the little teeth poking through that gorgeous smile!

Magan says:

Gorgeous images!

Rebecca, I am in love with his one year session! He is so beautiful and you did a wonderful job capturing him. While scrolling and reading, I found myself just smiling. Wonderful job, as always!!

Traci says:

Love these images, they look amazing!

Nena Metcalf says:

The interaction here is fantastic!!! I just love it! Great job!

angela says:

Really great work!love the shots on the bed. Raleigh Baby Studio Photographer awesome job!

Laura says:

So adorable! I love the one where he’s hanging off moms arm with his cute baby smile! :)

Gail McGarrigan Deal says:

Powell is absolutely stunning as are his parents. Beautiful photography!