Raleigh Wake Forest Lifestyle Newborn Photography – Baby Brother

Newborns usually direct their sessions – we really just go with the baby – when they need to eat, be rocked, etc. And this little guy, he was awake for a little bit during the family portraits and then he just dreamed away. He slept and slept and the sweet moments we were able to capture with his family – just precious. It is just so nice to have photographs taken at home when you have a newborn. You are pretty tired after you have a baby, right? (Okay, maybe exhausted!) Also, it’s just so special to take photos of your baby with your things in your home. This mama had some adorable things picked out for her baby boy – love the wrap, the blanket, and the overall colors she chose. When you have a session at home, the session reflects your style perfectly and we are able to create custom art that matches your home.  It’s also nice to have a newborn session at home because you really don’t feel like going anywhere after you have a new baby – just trying to pack a diaper bag in those first days was overwhelming to me! Who can relate? Trying to get ready is challenging, especially if you have older siblings. Having a session at home  is perfect for those sweet first days snuggling your baby.

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Rebecca Keller is a Raleigh Maternity Photographer and Raleigh Newborn Photographer, in Raleigh and Wake Forest, North Carolina. Contact Rebecca Keller Photography for more information about Raleigh Wake Forest Lifestyle Newborn Photography in Wake Forest, NC.

Lisa Mounteer says:

Such beautiful memories for this family. Great work.

CUUUTE! I love his hair and the shot of his tiny little foot in dad’s hand. How sweet to see the love his family has for him. Beautiful images.

Emily says:

Congratulations to the growing family! I just LOVE the black and white image of the little man in the basket! PERFECT composition!

Kelly J says:

Oh my goodness. How cute is this session!! I love your style, so honest and beautiful.

Such a gorgeous set of newborn images. Soft, natural, but still creative & artistic.

Kendall Lynnette says:

These are just so cute! And look at all of that hair. So adorable. :)

chantal says:

What an adorable session!!! Beautiful family & newborn phoTos

What a great session. What a head of hair! I love it!!

Elena Bruewer says:

These are just adorable! Great Photographs. You seem like a very talented photographer.

Mary Anne says:

Look at this adorable baby boy! These are such cute newborn photographs. The one of him in the basket with the black background is absolutely gorgeous.

Ashley Singh says:

Oh my goodness! That is the cutest little guy ever! Mom and dad must be smitten!

Lillian Stevens says:

Wonderful lifestyle newborn photography in Wake Forest, North Carolina!

sarah says:

that hair is KILLING ME! so sweet! love them all snuggled up together on the couch. just blissful:)

Sonya says:

I love this story. I admire how this is not your traditional posed newborn session. Your images visually tell this family’s love story for each other.

Lindsey says:

OMG! These are fantastic! I love the lighting <3 and all that hair! Beautiful!

Baotran says:

Love the way you captured this family, a beautiful mix of lifestyle and posed newborn photography!

Love how you captured this family in their natural element. Beautiful!