Raleigh Newborn Photographer – 2014 Image of the Year


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Yay for the 2014 Image of the Year – so excited for this year’s entries! There are 40 entries this year, each 2014 client chose their own image for the competition. (you can view all of the images in the gallery here but votes only count on the blog)

The two winners will receive a 2015 session from Rebecca Keller Photography and the six finalists will receive a 50.00 credit towards a 2015 session. Voting for round one will end on February 2nd at 11:59PM and then voting for round two will start on the evening of February 3rd.



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Voting only counts on the blog (not on facebook) and you can only vote one time each day. Those caught violating the rules will be removed from the contest. The photographer can change the rules/prizes at any time. Rebecca Keller is a Raleigh Newborn Photographer in Raleigh, N.C.

Victoria L Rench says:

# 1 has my vote!!!! Beautiful family!

Tracy says:

#30 is adorable

Cheryl D. Smith says:

#14 is my favorite! Adorable!

Kathy Buchanan says:


Bonnie Timan says:

Such a powerful pic indeed.Deployment Over is the title

Lorraine Powers says:

OM # 23 of Course! What could be cuter then two premature twins that actually lie on top of each other

Burl Jimmerson says:

Love Eva #37

Mecca says:

DAY3 #princessnylie

Katie Pearce Shimshock says:

Go little Tommy! #39 and our precious Kona :)

Edison says:

Cute baby is cute

Elaine says:


Melissa Nafke says:

Love pic #37

Shane says:

#37 gets my vote!!

Candace says:

#37 always rocks these sessions. Gorgeous.

Gpop says:

I’m not sure my vote went through last time.

Sandy Koch says:

#30 what a cutie❤️

Jill Nathenson Galvin says:

All so cute, #30 is precious tho!

Jill Galvin says:

So many to choose, but such a sweet beautiful little girl

Jill says:

Such a sweet beautiful little girl

Lisa Schutz says:

Everyone is beautiful, but #30 made me smile.

Elizabeth says:


Elizabeth says:

Adorable! Father and son with matching hair, too cute!

Liz Rieve Dolan says:

#30 Precious, they are all beautiful.

Kathy B. Kruk says:

She is a beauty!

Julie says:

Love them all

Margie Reiter says:

Greyson & Bennett #23

Dennis Kruk says:

My Great Niece so Adorable!

Farzina Hossain ibrahim says:

My vote is for the cutie 34

mark bennett says:

#17 for me!!!

Crystal says:

I vote for Remy! Go #28!

Fahima says:

Beautiful little angel

Kate Brown says:

All are adorable, but #27 makes my heart melt!

Tm Tajul Islam says:

Future President Gabriel

Vanessa says:

#29 all the way! :)

Brynn says:

All adorable….#30 is so candid and fun! She’s got quite the personality. Cute cutie cute cute!!!

marge mauk says:

This little guy is such a handsome fellow, and he is all boy.

Erin Doss says:

#1 gets my vote!

Vickie Nichole Wilson says:

#1 is the cutest family photo! And she is the most adorable baby!

Wilma Pike says:

# 21 gets my vote. Each photo speaks for itself…This one is beautiful…

Jackie Hughes says:

What a cutie!!

Marlae Stevens says:

all adorable but i love #40!

Corbin Kennedy says:


Katie Rust says:

#7 is gorgeous!

Meredith Dockery says:

Beautiful babies! Who doesn’t love a redheaded little boy?!

Jean Pleasant says:

#27 is just a precious example of love for a newborn sibling.

Michelle Radom says:

beautiful job.

Amy Johnson says:

I vote for the 2 angels in #27! They are so adorable! Love the display of brother/sisterly love!

Tricia Perry says:

True love!

Debbie Alman says:

Go #26! All of these pics are wonderful; snapshots in time!

Beth Allen says:

Sweet babes!

Kathleen Ryan Gill says:

Love #16.

Susan M Harpe says:

Cutest kids ever!!!

Sarah says:

# 27 …… So precious!!

Nicole says:

Beautiful little ones and pics! Voted for #29

Deb Scott says:

My vote is for #3!!!

Taufika Islam Williams says:

All children are gorgeous. My vote goes to the cute giraffe (#34)!!! What a cutie!

Lisa says:

#29 sooooo beautiful!!!

lynn k. horn says:

#16 is my vote. I love all your photography of all the babies and families; beautiful work!

lynn k. horn says:

#16 is my vote. I love all your photography of all the babies and families; beautiful work!

Lynn Kall Horn says:

All gorgeous babies and families; but #16 is fabulous. My vote :-)

Marie Finnegan Serine says:

Awww, adorable!

Meryl Spaulding says:

Go ASA!!

Susan Casanova says:

All babies are beautiful but ASA is the best.

Christy Miller says:

Love it!