Farmer Ganyard at UpChurch Farms Photos | November Goals

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Farmer Ganyard at Upchurch Farms Photos

November Goals 

1.Start at least one of the projects I keep putting off. At least start an outline for everything I want to do.Get some fresh air from editing. #busiestmonthoftheyear

2.Watch the Polar Express a few times so Harrison is super excited when we go to Spencer. We have been to Bryson City a few times, but this year I just didn’t want to go that far, so Spencer it is!


3.I want to participate in the December Daily so I need to get myself organized in November so I am ready!

4.Buy some boots. I must have decluttered most of my shoes. And my toes are cold so I bought some flats in Target but of course, they just make my feet hurt. I don’t have time to shop right now but I need to make it a priority to save myself from blisters and/or having to wear sandals in the freezing cold.farmer ganyard upchurch farms photo 34_5249P I N this to pinterest


5.Make pumpkin muffins + homemade chocolate chip cookies. Make biscuits for the boys to go with their daily pancakes once a week. (Ya’ll, I have been reading The Lifegiving Tableand it’s totally changed our meal time routine + I am now trying all kinds of new recipes and cooking so much more. I love, it though, and the boys do,too!) Send me your favorite recipes + cookbook recommendations! It is getting darker earlier, too, which means less time in the park + more time for cooking. The long evenings at the park are crock pot + instant pot days. Oh, and I want to cook pies this month. I can’t even eat this stuff! What’s gotten into me?

6.Finish clearing out the decluttering that has been happening in Owen’s old room. (His room before he decided to share a room with Harrison)

7.Edit, edit, and more editing. Stay on top of all the editing but also get some fresh air when I need it! #busiestmonthoftheyear

8.Help with Owen’s play practice at school.

9.Blog recent sessions. I have so many I need to get out here into the blog world! Hello fall!

10. Finalize a date to go to the Candle Tea in Old Salem in December.

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