Wake Forest Family Photographer NC – A Few Things in February

Last month’s post I was chatting about the fact that it might snow, and I’m typing this Monday night on a day of snow, well, um, ice? kind of? Maybe I should just say winter weather?

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Wake Forest Family Photographer NC | Rebecca Keller Photography

As I’m writing this, I’m guessing there is not going to be a delay or no school Tuesday since everything is still quiet on the news.

A few favorites in February…

1.A less messy way to fingerpaint. (Although I do love messy finger painting too, ha!)

2. We tried Nothing Bundt Cakes this month – oh my, the red velvet is, of course, my fave.

3. I love my dentist’s office. I seriously have the most dental anxiety ever – ha. These girls are awesome – they keep me laughing and are so patient with my dislike of dental work.

4. This white cheddar popcorn is my new favorite. Love, love, love it. I pack it everyday, and it makes carpool a little bit better. And it’s made by Annie’s so super healthy,too.

5. If you are decorating a nursery – this page has a lot of great inspiration.

A few things I want to tackle/read or just plain interesting stuff

1.In case I ever want to make fake calligraphy…..

2.I have to agree on this one. Even a change in scenery, running on the treadmill with headphones on, I still feel it helps with creativity. I rarely think of anything creative sitting on my couch. It may be while I’m out antiquing (walking around by myself, though sometimes Harrison is in tow) in the car waiting because I got somewhere way too early (this happens a lot. I have only been late to barre class once and that’s because I tried to attempt a location that was just not logistcally great with traffic because their schedule was better that day. ha) or shopping in the grocery store (you know, walking and moving..I always have ideas at the store.) Ok, the car example had nothing to do with movement. but well, it’s when I have a quiet moment usually.

3. Michael mentioned something about trying biscuits from scratch so I’m thinking we could try these.

4. Love following along with this Joanna Gaines told me to…

5. If you have a seven month old or baby around this age, loved this list of favorites

Just For Fun…

1. A session around this time last year – what a sweet newborn session at home this was!

2. A session in February two years ago – loved this session right after it snowed. So bright and cheery, too!

Pretty Stuff Around the Web

These just look amazing.

In case you need this like I do, I had pretty much given up on mine.

Snow Day Activities…

So I wrote about my adventures in Amazon Prime Now this month and I may have used the service for this waffle maker, waffle mix, and chocolate chips while at the gym the night before the snow storm.

1. Lovvvvvved this Mickey Waffle Maker. I kind of made up my own waffle mix by looking up a million recipes + adding unsweetened cocoa and semi sweet chocolate chips. (which if you know me, I am not the best cook, so this was by far, a miracle)

2. I also broke out this egg cooker, which I love. My husband is laughing at me for using this because he said using a pot is just fine. (I know, but I totally need all the help I can get, and I have several friends who also use and recommend the egg cooker) It just makes hardboiled eggs so easy. I have not tried the omelet or poaching options enough but the hardboiled egg function is enough for me. It also comes in a lot of fun colors.

3. Pie Face -We got this game several weeks ago + it has been a big hit. it’s perfect for stuck in the house snow days + we may have had a lot of giggles and went through a lot of whipped cream today. (Owen may have tried to cheat a little bit and not keep his face in the circle)

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Rebecca Keller is a Wake Forest Family Photographer NC featured in People Magazine who spends her time sipping iced coffee, chasing after her two little ones, reading, running, and editing. Because I chat alot about my personal life, books i’ve read, and other style recommendations, etc– I may receive commissions on affiliate links in articles.