Raleigh One Year Baby Photographer – Happy to Be a Year

I have loved photographing this little one’s first year…his newborn portraits, portraits with his grandparents, the greenhouse minis, and his first year portraits. He has such a sweet happy little personality, and he was just so adorable with his cake. He was all happy and eating and then all of a sudden he went face first into the cake. Sooo precious!

According to Mom…

What are your little one’s favorite toys? soccer ball, blocks, helicopters, trains, Mickey Mouse, keys

Is your little one talking yet? Any words? lots of ‘mama’ and ‘dada’…we’re working on ‘dog’

Does he have any favorite foods? pancakes, string cheese, green beans, Cheerios, applesauce

What is your favorite part of this stage/milestone? It’s so amazing to watch his little face light up when Drew or I walk into the room, especially when he couples it with ‘mama’ or dada’ in his excited tone! Watching him learn every day and knowing that he is soaking up the world around him everywhere we go.

Is your little one dressing up for Halloween? Any costume ideas? He is! He’s going to be Max from ‘Where the Wild Things Are’…one of his favorite books.

Baby toys/gear you can’t live without at this stage? Snack cups full of Cheerios or veggie straws, Mickey Mouse stuffed animal, toy keys

Raleigh One Year Baby Photographer | Rebecca Keller Photography

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