Raleigh Newborn Baby Lifestyle Photographer – So Much Personality

Oh, this little one is just so sweet! I’ve gotten to see him at his newborn portraits and his holiday mini session, and he just has so much personality. So content to be wide awake and I love how you can see his different facial expressions in these images. His newborn session was Halloween morning, and how cute were the Krispy Kreme doughnuts they had – I didn’t know they had ghostbusters doughnuts – too much fun! And, since it was Halloween, of course, we had to take a few with his sweet little Halloween costume. Oh, and his puppies were just so cute and all about their new baby brother. Pets are part of the family, too, and I love that we were able to take a few with them!

So you know I love finding things at home to use for sessions and the trunk they had in their living room was just so pretty – I love the texture in the black and whites, too. This little guy is just so loved –  I love these images with his mommy and daddy. The first days at home, though they can be a blur, are just so special. When I arrived, he was snuggled up in his chair and the days of all the baby gear flies by so fast, doesn’t it? Just love photographing these little moments.

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Susan Foster says:

Just adorable!!

Katie Vail Peters says:

So beautiful! I never get tired of looking at these–thank you so much for capturing such sweet moments!