Raleigh Newborn Lifestyle Family Photographer – Sleepy Afternoon


Okay, so I almost always have newborn sessions in the morning. Well, really, I think this may have been the only one I’ve done in the afternoon. (They needed to change their newborn session time last minute so we found an afternoon that would work for both of us) Babies are always just so super happy in the morning that I hate to chance starting a session later in the afternoon. But this little guy, oh he just slept and slept and slept. Isn’t he just so sweet? And their room was just full of light (yay!) I rarely get that much light streaming into a room where I can just stretch out a blanket and photograph the whole blanket. (And you know I love cloudy, rainy day sessions, too but you definitely use smaller spaces on cloudy days) And these two were just so super calm and content as new parents. (I know I was not this calm either time with either baby) I love all of the sweet moments at home we captured. I just love the simplicity and love of sessions at home during the first days.

I’ve heard from a few people about January/February newborn sessions this week. If you are thinking of booking a 2015 newborn session contact me ASAP. I’m really looking forward to the busy fall/spring and already planning some super fun surprises for my 2015 clients.

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Marissa Dodgen says:

This is a beautiful session. Makes me miss the quiet times of newborn