Wake Forest Newborn Photographer – Happy Valentine’s Day

I got to spend Thursday with my nieces, which was just so much fun. My mama helped me coordinate and plan a special morning the kids with lots of treast. (which, well, they all mostly ate three bites except Harrison) They also had some Valentine’s crafts to work on, and boy, did they love those. They had the crafts all over the table, chairs, and craft supplies strewn all over the floor. They ended up making each other some super cute Valentines which was really sweet. They also had fun with the huge balloons…(so much fun that one even got stuck in the ceiling fan – while it was going. My mom is awesome – I’m still amazed she was able to get it down.) And the fake candy lips were also a hit – too cute! My nieces don’t live close so it’s always so great when we get to see them, and I know Owen and Harrison just love them to pieces. Harrison often takes my mom’s Christmas card of the four of them off of the refrigerator and just crawls around the house with it giggling. (yes – he still crawls. Owen didn’t walk until he weas 15 months, and I’m wondering if it will be the same for Harrison) Happy Valentine’s Day – mine will be filled with lots of chocolate!

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Today is also my mom’s birthday – so thankful for her. She is my best friend, the best listener, definitely someone that will make you laugh, and my biggest encourager. This photo was from my Senior year in college – our trip to Spain during Spring Break. So special that we got to do that together. Happy Birthday, Mom! I love you!

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Doru says:

Lovely pictures! Very colorful!

Jennifer Lee says:

oh just look at these Valentine images, the colors, everything is just perfect.

Sueann says:

these photos are so cute! Looks like they had a fun filled Valentines Day!

Sueann Moti says:

These photos are so cute! Looks like they enjoyed Valentines Day!

Kassi says:

lovely images

Lil says:

I love your Valentines Day photos! The colors are lovely and I love lifestyle photography!

Deborah Fletcher says:

thank you daughter, sweet memories……