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So this newborn session was very unique – they lived in an amazing old building in downtown Durham with so much history. All I could say was, wow, when I walked in. It was decorated beautifully also, and you can see so much of that in the images. I especially love the first image. (see if you can find the sweet little baby) What I really loved about this newborn session – we captured their family and love for their sweet baby boy in these images.

* One of my favorite parts of the session was some artwork I saw and asked about. The grandparents (who were there – yay! I love when there are grandparents at newborn sessions. It’s always great to have more help around!) made it (how awesome) and we were able to take some images of the baby with the artwork in the background. Love it, and of course, the images instantly match their decor, too.

* His hair. Do I need to say anything else? He was as cute as can be and that hair – so precious!!

* Ok, I love that they were within walking distance from Monuts and had some donuts they were snacking on while I was there. I had to capture that little part of the story since it’s part of living in downtown Durham right:)

* You know I love the exposed brick and super cool windows right? And that couch was just amazing. I love the gray texture for sooo many images

* Pets. I LOVE adding pets to sessions – they are family members, too. Their sweet little puppy was just so adorable.

* Could that Extra Small Shirt be any cuter?!?

* We incorporated so many of their things in the sessions. I absolutely love that because then your session is unique and special to you. We used their blankets, their little one’s special quilt, and the grandparents artwork – what we used had meaning to them and I loved that.

Ok I am about to share soo many images – get ready! I just love newborn sessions at home so much!

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Rebecca Keller is a Raleigh Maternity and Raleigh Newborn Photographer. Contact Rebecca Keller Photography for more information about Durham Raleigh Newborn Lifestyle Photography.


Becky Morris Bailey says:

Super amazing family! Beautiful all around!

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