Raleigh NC Child Baby Photographer – Our Teepee

So during baby’s first year, we’ve been spending a lot of time at home – getting him on a good nap schedule, staying at home during those naps, and you know, how much stuff you have to plan just to get out the door with a baby. And definitely, each month has gotten easier. Ever since Harrison was born, Owen’s love of reading has just grown so much. We’ve spent a lot of time at the library checking out and returning books. (And I love that you can just put the books on hold online and run in real quick and pick them up) Sometimes we wait until Michael’s home and run out to the library for a little while to check out books. We’ve found so many new favorites such as Little Hoot which you can see Owen reading to Harrison below. And you may have seen the cousin’s campout with my mom’s enormous teepee, and after this campout, we just had to get our own. (That one is about 12 ft…..ours is about 7.) I do love that it is indoor outdoor, and it’s usually set up in the playroom or our living room filled with books.

So much time has been spent in this teepee, I knew I wanted to photograph the boys with it before Harrison started crawling. I did have help with this session – there is no way I could have handled the stroller, teepee, camera, diaper bag, bubbles, all by myself. (Other photographer mamas, don’t try to do it all yourself, get help! It will make it so much easier to photograph your own little ones)  So planning it was a little stressful because everyday was a high chance of storms for like a week. So finally there was a day with 0% chance of rain (woo-hoo!) We loaded up the car and headed out. It was a super hot July evening but just so fun for these two.  Owen was running around everywhere giggling, and Harrison was like, I’m out of the house – yay! He was just so content to sit there and hear the story. So glad we took these before he started crawling – he doesn’t crawl fast now (unless there is something he really wants ) He mostly crawls a little bit, sits up and laughs, and then crawls again. He’s also started babbling a little bit which just melts my heart.  The first year is slow in a lot of ways but also super fast. (Anyone else understand that?) So I knew I wanted these when he was six months, just had to get out of the house and get to the park!

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