Holden Beach Lifestyle Family Child Photographer – Splashing in the Waves

One reason I love beach portraits so much is that they are FUN. And if you’ve had a session with me, you know that I really try my best to make the session fun, too. So photographing families at the beach is such a favorite of mine. It’s easy to have fun at the beach, right? The weather was just perfect for this session, the beach was quiet, and big brother was just soooo excited about the water. I love soooo many of these – it was hard to pick which ones to share for the blog post. One day soon I hope to have some sweet family portraits of our family at the beach, too, because I just love them so much. Such a beautiful background and sweet family memories are the best.  I will also add in that the beach is not like a super glamorous location..we do laugh through windy hair, falling into the ocean, and being covered in sand. The fun, happy family portraits are so worth it!

So super sad that my last Coastal Session for this year is this weekend. (And reallllly hoping the rain stays away!) I will be offering them again next year, only one session per holiday. It makes it so much easier when having to reschedule for weather, like when there was a hurricane July 4th week. If I only have one session, there’s a lot less stress in planning around weather. If you’re thinking about booking one, remember that I will be opening up the Free  (when booking a 2015 session, one image per child) Holiday Mini Sessions in a week or two. (See more information here) Those of you who have already booked a 2015 session will be sent dates/times first so if you are thinking of booking a Coastal Session for next year, dates will go fast. And if you booked your session early last year, you know there’s a lot of super great stuff planned for 2015 if you book early!

This has been such a great summer – I am really thankful for such a great year this year, meeting so many new clients that have become great friends and looking forward to the busy fall!


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