Holden Beach Lifestyle Family Photography – Avoiding Arthur

So you may have seen the first post about this session.. (the preview) Wow. I was thinking of booking two Coastal sessions per holiday and this session confirmed my decision to only book one. Because of tropical storm Arthur (who turned into a hurricane just hours before our planned session) we rescheduled our session for a day earlier. So glad we did! It was gorgeous the evening of our session, and we were able to capture so many family memories of their Holden Beach 2014 vacation.

I first met this sweet family for their little one’s six month portraits – such a wonderful in home session. I loooooove sessions at home – always so much fun to photograph! Last year when he turned one, they had their session at Holden, and I was thrilled when they decided to stay at Holden this year and wanted another Coastal Session. (Coastal sessions are really just that fun! I so want one of my fam, too.)

One thing I loved about this session was capturing their little one with his bucket. So incredibly cute! He loved screaming about the water and just pouring it out all, laughing and screaming and waving at his mama – precious memories for sure!

And just a little update – I have heard from so many of you this week about booking fall sessions. December newborn sessions are all booked up. I may be able to take one or two more October/November newborns. I might be able to squeeze in one fall family session if anyone is still thinking about it. I’ve had a few travel sessions this summer, too – you can contact me for more information about my travel fee. Oh, and stay tuned to instagram. I may have left some news about the contest coming up soon!

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Katie Pearce Shimshock says:

Oh, so fun! Makes me think of our session ! This is such a cute family!