Raleigh Indoor Maternity Photography – Rainy Morning

One of the most important parts of photography is light – it really can change everything. It’s no secret I love natural light and usually only use available natural light during sessions. Everytime I walk into a home for a newborn or maternity or family session, the lighting is completely different, and it also depends on the weather, too. Of course, I love when it’s super sunny and there’s so much light just pouring in, but there is something I just LOVE about super dark rainy days. There is just such a different light, and oh my, it’s gorgeous. Yes, we are going to be a little bit more limited on where we shoot in the home, but so many of my favorite images have been taken on cloudy dark days inside.

This sweet couple is expecting their first baby, and I can’t wait to find out what they are having! They were just so relaxed and fun – I really look forward to taking their newborn portraits at home, too. One of my favorite images of them from this session is the silhouette, and mama mentioned we will have to take one with the baby, too. Such a sweet idea! I had a hard time picking between color and black and white for this session – just love the images in both! Their house was beautifully decorated – modern with lots of color, and I love that we were able to take images that will look beautiful in their home. Oh, and at the very end they wanted to capture what their everyday looks like – Mama sleeping and him working. Love it! And don’t you remember being soooo tired at the end of pregnancy and needing to sleep? I do! I think that lasted for the first few months after little h was born, too. Ok, so many to share – love, love, love this session!

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