Raleigh Six Month First Year Baby Photography – All Smiles

Oh, the cuteness!!! I have loved photographing this sweet little one’s newborn, three months, and now six month portraits. She was just so cute and full of smiles for her six month portraits, and her Mama picked out the most adorable outfits for her. It is so sweet to photograph the first year and see how they grow and change. These two are just so laid back and love hugging and snuggling their little one – it’s such a joy to photograph the three of them together. I just love allll of these..it was hard not to post all of them – such a sweet session documenting her six month milestone!

According to Mom..

What are your little one’s favorite toys? Sophie, stackable rings, books, teething rings, Mozart music cube

Does she have any favorite foods? Everything!

Does she have any pets/siblings? How do they get along with your little one? Giuliana has a brother and a sister, both of whom are beagles. They are largely apathetic towards her except when they think food might be involved.

What is your favorite part of this stage/milestone? She is so happy and interactive! I love her smiles and laughs. Getting more sleep at night doesn’t hurt either.

Any advice for your favorite things that make life easier with a baby? A high tolerance for chaos and dirt

Does your little one have any favorite books or songs? She likes to chew all of her books. She likes the songs her daddy sings to her.

Raleigh Six Month First Year Baby Photography | Rebecca Keller Photography 

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Rebecca Keller is a Raleigh Baby and Newborn Photographer featured in People Magazine and on several blogs including Lemonade and Lenses and Let The Kids Dress Themselves. Contact the studio for more information about Raleigh Baby Photography and travel sessions.