Raleigh Newborn Photography At Home – Quiet and Peaceful

There is so much joy in the first days home with your baby. It is just so special to have photos at home with your little one (and so great to just stay home and not have to go anywhere for photos)  and oh, I just love these. You can just see the joy and love they have for their baby girl in all of these. They also had just the sweetest puppies that were doting over their baby sister and amazingly stayed still for a few photos. It is fun to include the whole family in the session – these two just rocked it out and we did have an extra family member for help. It’s always nice if a grandparent, sister or friend can be around to help you the day of your session (or really anytime when you have a newborn!) We also found such a pretty basket in their house to use for their session – it’s always so special to use your things that match your decor and have meaning. Such a sweet family and I loved so many from this session, it was hard to pick which ones to blog.


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Rebecca Keller is a Raleigh Newborn Photographer in Raleigh, N.C. Contact Rebecca Keller Photography for more information about Raleigh Newborn Photography at Home. Rebecca Keller Photography also offers first year mini sessions at the studio.

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Jean B Finch says:

Your baby is precious and beautiful! You will have so much fun and joy now and in the years ahead. Congratulations! Dan and Jean
Jean B Finch

Jen says:

Oooooh! I am totally loving these photos! What a fantastic newborn session :-) My favorite picture has to be the dogs just looking up beside their little newborn sister!!

Luis Luque says:

Great Newborn Photography! Im sure that they love them pictures!

Amanda says:

I love lifestyle newborn photos! Are so sweet!

Gabrielle von Heyking says:

such sweet, natural looking photos!! I love how you used their home as the backdrop for the photos, it makes the session that much more special

Giselle says:

Gorgeous lifestyle newborn session In Raleigh. I love how you captured the newness of this beautiful baby and his parents!

patricia says:

great simplicity and awesome work beautiful !

Beautiful family! I love the puppies!

Rebecca, I always look forward to your blog posts because your work is stunning! I find myself smiling and feeling so happy for your clients. Beautiful job!

emily says:

Such sweet photos! What a cute baby!

August Bremer says:

Just precious! You used your environment very well.

Ooh, the images of baby with the family dogs are so sweet!!!

Laura says:

Sooo cute I love the one with the dogs! :)

Ruth Bloch says:

How beautiful! You’ve made such great use of the light and captured such perfect images for the family!